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In this session, scheduled shortly after hearing about The Brick-by-Brick Program, were the introductions to LEGO Podcasts and The Soundtracks to LEGO Building. Bevvy ThomasA pro photographers ‘life through a lens’ featuring #bevvypix #beverleythomasphotography. Follow me on IG.


Music Was Our First Love It is all about being acoustic, isn’t it?Well, back in the 80’s some of us got to experience…something else. And these Keytar minifigures take us all the way back. At least they did so with David and Thomas. stuckinplasticStuck In Plastic. The creative collective of toy photographers.

Week 25 – Eric Clapton

Our Guest This Week The person in focus of this week´s edition of SiPgoes53 is British musician Eric Clapton. Rumour has it that there are people who haven´t heard of him before (as for myself: my first tattoo showed a cover of my favourite Clapton albums, but that’s a completely different story). Still most everyone …

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Week 21 – Anton Corbijn

A Photographer From The Netherlands It is my very pleasure to introduce you to this week’s person in focus of our #SiPgoes53 series. Let’s have a closer look at the works of Dutch photographer, music video- and film director Anton Corbijn. Should you not instantly recognise his name but have a love for music, you …

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Week 13: Passion

Passion can be found in various fields and situations.                                                  Go to a concert, a classical one with a huge orchestra or a rock gig: if the musicians are passionate about their …

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The Sound of Wandering

I have three distinct main sources of inspiration and each relates in some way to toy photography. That makes it very convenient for our sticky note exercise. Wanderlust I love traveling and until recently, most of my pictures were taken while traveling abroad. Even though I’ve always thought that the place I used to call …

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Shelly’s post on “The Trouble With Chima” last week got me thinking about the relationship between the photographer and the viewer of a photograph, and how messages and stories are passed between the two. Something clicked in my brain this morning: isn’t this a problem that songwriters have to solve every day?

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