Week 21 – Anton Corbijn

A Photographer From The Netherlands

It is my very pleasure to introduce you to this week’s person in focus of our #SiPgoes53 series. Let’s have a closer look at the works of Dutch photographer, music video- and film director Anton Corbijn. Should you not instantly recognise his name but have a love for music, you will most probably have seen one or more of his 80+ music videos. Included are clips from bands like Metallica, Bryan Adams, Front242, Johnny Cash and Coldplay, to name a few.

Born in 1955, for more than thirty years now he has been the creative director of visual album design and stage designer for the tours of both U2 and Depeche Mode. He also made the last music video for Nirvana in 1994.

Magical Portraits

When he started his career as a photographer in the seventies, he used to contribute to the NME (New Musical Express, an English music paper). In his career, he has created portraits by incredibly many musicians, movie stars and all sorts of celebrities. When going through these powerful images, you will realise that they’re mostly black and white.

Many of his photos, as well as album covers, have become iconic (the Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, both albums by U2). Some deliver a great humour (Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones dressed up as a lady) or seem a little mysterious (his pics of the band Joy Division where only the singer turns around and looks straight into the camera; he later disappeared and was never to be seen again). Some others may only feature a part of a body (the hand of John Lee Hooker).

Week 21 In Pictures

His works are as broad that this week offers a great variety of photo chances to contribute to our project. You could try and portrait Anton Corbijn himself. You could show him on set, filming a music video. Or you can choose one of his many portraits to recreate in minifigure style.

Again, we can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas and results on Instagram using the hashtags #SiPgoes53 and #SiP_Anton_Corbijn.

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4 years ago

Anton, the man who made the video clip of Where’s the Revolution , by Depeche Mode.  

Tomasz Lasek
4 years ago

Fantastic choice! And gives various posibilities for pictures. I already have two ideas but they will be hard to execute :)

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