RLFM 21 Architecture & Ninjago Interviews

Shortly after our interview with the MiniFigure Design Team. On our schedule were the Adult Design Team and Architecture. With Ninjago following the lunch break. Bevvy ThomasA pro photographers ‘life through a lens’ featuring #bevvypix #beverleythomasphotography. Follow me on IG.

Happy Birthday, Ninjago

Happy Birthday, Ninjago!

Our good friends at the LEGO Group called upon all masters, young and old, of Spinjitzu to celebrate 10 years of LEGO® NINJAGO® with the launch of the awesome Ninjago City Gardens, some exciting collaborations, and a nostalgic look back at some of the theme’s key milestones. We got to shoot some epic imagery for this. And …

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I love trains. Maybe it is because I grew up in front of a train station. Maybe it is the promise of new adventures in charted territory. Or maybe it is some nostalgic memories of the very first steam trains. Anyway, I love trains. BorisTaking plastic places. Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into …

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A Tour of Ninjago City

Disclaimer According to Admiral Ackbar, the new Ninjago City set is a trap for AFOL. I’ve personally been hooked with Ninjago two years ago when LEGO released the Temple of Airjitzu as part of its big scheme to conquer the world make Ninjago appealing to adults. As soon as I saw the first official pictures of the Ninjago …

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Kai doing Kendo in the garden

A waiting Kendoka

Kai was lonely. His brother had gone to Japan to learn from the top Sensai and was due to return any day! Kai waited by the door (in Seiza of course) on the day he was due to arrive, but the doorbell never rang. It turns out, Kai’s brother had posted himself back to the UK and …

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The Story Continues: The Man Of Her Dreams

The Story Continous After our models went fishing they now start to show up all over the globe. It is still unclear where and what they have been doing. Our reporter on the other side of the pond reports.  Kenton AndersonLover of all things LEGO. See my work at

Developing Story: Ninjago models arrived in Belgium

DEVELOPING STORY. As we mentioned earlier in our breaking story our Ninjago models went awol. The first models have made it to France and Finland.  We got some sightings in the UK, and now our Belgium correspondent Jo Van Holder has this brand new developing story for us. 

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