I love trains.

Maybe it is because I grew up in front of a train station. Maybe it is the promise of new adventures in charted territory. Or maybe it is some nostalgic memories of the very first steam trains.
Anyway, I love trains.

We were discussing in one of our hangouts a fun little side project of sharing our train experience around the Xmas tree (we have had a running LEGO train under our Xmas tree for a few years now) when our good friends over at LEGO must have had a similar idea and kicked off a little rebrick context.

Build your own train for the winter village, submit it to Rebrick before the end of this month, and win some fantastic prices

I could not resist and make my own LEGO Train based on the Ninjago City. Why be static, when the fantastic Ninjago City can be traveling around my Xmas tree these winter holidays.

Here is my submission.

My little train …

A train with a story …

Our “crab” train is running on a “crab” engine and the chief machinist needs to keep the engine happy with crabs. His hammer helps him to deblock any crayfish party happening inside. Not sure if our chief is Swedish.


A train with a sushi chef on the second floor of the third wagon, who likes his Corn Flakes more than anything else. Could it be because he does not like the Crab Chief?
A jacuzzi is just not of these days anymore. The traveling pond holds not only young romantic lovers but also green water lilies … a developing story for sure.
Where is my tea? The confluence of movies …
2001 Space Oddesy. Did anyone say, Goldfinger?

And there is more.
Much more, but the rest of the story I will keep for under the Xmas tree.
For now, the key question is: will you join the ultimate train challenge of Rebrick or just build one for your Xmas tree.

I decided to do both.


Post Scriptum.

And yes, the train is electrified and has a build in motor so it will run under the Xmas tree all by itself. 

A Tour of Ninjago City


According to Admiral Ackbar, the new Ninjago City set is a trap for AFOL. I’ve personally been hooked with Ninjago two years ago when LEGO released the Temple of Airjitzu as part of its big scheme to conquer the world make Ninjago appealing to adults. As soon as I saw the first official pictures of the Ninjago city, I knew I wouldn’t wait long before buying it. So do not expect this photographic review to be objective. Continue reading “A Tour of Ninjago City”

Rumours confirmed: Ninjago Models are everywhere

Rumors confirmed.

The rumors are now confirmed. Most of the Ninjago models have made it to their final destinations and the reviews are pouring in. The Ninjago models continue to be tight lipped on where they have been since they originally left our Studio here in Sweden. We will most probably never know. Rumors have it they all joined a massive after party with the crew that is putting the final touches to the Ninjago Movie, coming to a theatre near you in  September. Here is what our reporters have to report. Continue reading “Rumours confirmed: Ninjago Models are everywhere”

Special Report: Invasion in Britain started

Special Report: We continue our breaking news series on the disappearing Ninjago models.  Our reporter on shore, Ian Cockayne, has spotted what seems to be a #Brexin instead of a #Brexit.  He reports straight from his undercover position using an old school long wave radio. Hence the short twitter style like post on what seems to be an ongoing invasion. An invasion of little plastic creatures listening to the code name Ninjago. Continue reading “Special Report: Invasion in Britain started”

Breaking News: LEGO Ninjago Models Mysterious Disappear

BREAKING NEWS: We update this story as it develops.

We just got breaking news (we can’t say if it is fake, alternative or just plain plastic) but a yet to be identified woman wearing a name badge with the name Koko imprinted was seen in panic mode tweeting inside the detective’s office while gesticulating about top models, raw fish and other breaking news, making the brickies of our little town stop outside the detective office and look up.   Continue reading “Breaking News: LEGO Ninjago Models Mysterious Disappear”

Gone Fishin

When Kim (the LEGO one) told us he sent us a box full of Ninjago Awesomeness to creatively review in the middle of our summer holidays, we were excited. The box full of new and unreleased minifigures would reach us only a few days before we returned from our Italian adventure, so with some luck we could score some great creative minds and get the reviews out just in time before the release on August 1st. And so we got in touch with you on Instagram and we got our models shipped out, but they seem to have gone fishin. Continue reading “Gone Fishin”