How can I (be) inspire(d)?

I started taking pictures of toys because of others. At first, I had seen the work of Chris McVeigh, Avanaut, Smokebelch and Brett Wilson among others and what they created inspired me. I wanted to do like them, but not exactly like them. I was inspired but I did not want to copy. I believe that our imagination …

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The Sound of Wandering

I have three distinct main sources of inspiration and each relates in some way to toy photography. That makes it very convenient for our sticky note exercise. Wanderlust I love traveling and until recently, most of my pictures were taken while traveling abroad. Even though I’ve always thought that the place I used to call …

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Because I can…

As the days are passing by and two o seventeen is growing older our journey of twelve words is with me wherever I am. Be it at work, on weekends when out and about or sometimes while taking a shower. The last days had me thinking about the word of February: inspiration. What inspires me? …

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Inspiration. Derived from the latin inspirare or to breathe in is according to Wikipedia the unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or another artistic endeavor like shooting plastic. Inspiration. Our second word in our journey here in twenty seventeen has often been credited with a divine power. The muses with the old greeks …

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Freedom from choice

Want to know a quick tip to renewed creativity? Set boundaries. Make arbitrary rules. Limit your choices. The rules can be completely random or they can expand on some aspect of photography you already enjoy or want to explore.


Reimagined re:image

Return to render AliceinCleveland’s post Doctor Photostein’s Monster about revisiting past photos struck a nerve of late. AliceinCleveland wrote about returning to photos and bringing them back to life through re-editing. I’ve returned to some of my earlier photos, well, more the ideas behind the photos, to reshoot them for the exhibition.


Sip-A-To-Do-List i

Backyard Battle Whilst shooting for the upcoming exhibition, my car has racked up quite a few kilometers on the odometer, however, maybe it needn’t have?

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