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It Takes Two

We’re living at a time in history when it feels like we are living in a classic science fiction movie. Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, or The Matrix comes to mind. This inspired the theme for the fourth week of the SipgoesTGIF challenge for Twenty Two; Sci-Fi. We encouraged participants to delve …

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Take Your Time

Week two of Twenty Two is here and chances are that some of us have already dropped a few of the resolutions we made at the New Year’s party. No worries. This theme for this week is on staying focused despite what is happening around you. How do we translate this into photography? Suné HornArt …

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RLFM 21 Podcast & Soundtracks

In this session, scheduled shortly after hearing about The Brick-by-Brick Program, were the introductions to LEGO Podcasts and The Soundtracks to LEGO Building. Bevvy ThomasA pro photographers ‘life through a lens’ featuring #bevvypix #beverleythomasphotography. Follow me on IG.

RLFM 21 Brick-by-Brick

During the first session, we were provided with information about the Brick-by-Brick Programme. The programme is led by children, based on the concept of ‘Play Included’ and aimed at young people, aged from preschool to adulthood who enjoy building LEGO models and need support. Bevvy ThomasA pro photographers ‘life through a lens’ featuring #bevvypix #beverleythomasphotography. …

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Hey Frankie Siren

In conjunction with the launch of the new CMF series 21 sent to us by our good friends at TLG. These figures have been keeping us busy, along with a few friends. Amongst receiving complete sets, we have all received a mixed up bag of the set to create something unique. Body Snatchers In the …

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Sing a Rainbow

This week you may have all been wondering about the story behind @bevvypix’s latest series of images? Well today she reveals the story so far regarding #wheresbevvyspackage. The Package From time to time, we at Stuck in Plastic receive packages from our good friends over at The LEGO Group. We are fortunate to have this …

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SiP goes Le6Brick

I started this year looking back at the past and I talked about future projects for the beginning of the year. It is now time to tell you more about one of this project. Le6Brick During three weeks, the collective Stuck in Plastic will have pictures on display near Paris during an exhibition called “Le6Brick”. …

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