One of the unique gifts I have received here on Stuck In Plastic in the last three years is the gift of friendship. Making new real live friends.
Friendships that go beyond the short thumbs up social interactions or becoming friends on Facebook.
Friends that turn into real live deep connections.

I unknowingly bumped into one of those special friendships at the Stockholm Airport in the summer of 2015.
It was the first ever European SiP toy safari and I was pretty nervous to pick up some of these friendly “strangers” and be their host for three days in our place.
So when I entered terminal 5 from the parking lot with a smaller SiP sign in my hand, I got instantly welcomed by a warm hearted stranger with a bear hug and a broad smile (yes, I was late to pick up my guests) … Continue reading “Friends”

Henry D. Angst

Goodmorning Saturday !

It is Feature Friday time again, and as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to use Feature Friday to reach out to some great people I would like to meet in Seattle in less as two weeks time.

One such person I discovered on IG is a mysterious man, going by the name of Henry D. Angst. I don’t know much more about Henry (or should I say Stefan) than that he is living in a city not that far away. Hamburg,  a good ten hours south from where I normally hang out with the car or just over an hour with a plane. A city I passed a few times since we first liked an image of eachother on IG, yet I never stopped to say hi and have a coffee.

A stranger, yet we exchanged books.

An IG friend.

I know I will not be meeting @herrk in Seattle, just as I will not bump into @east_mountain (a good two hours away) or @popapan (another 4 hours away, and an IG lady I discovered through @herrk) but I do want to meet them one day, just maybe not in Seattle next week.

We were talking about meeting in Berlin later on this autumn, and bring our toys and cameras along.

Shall we start drafting in a date ?

Brick Inc.

Herr K. from Hamburg being featured by Brick Inc.

Today @brickcentral featured me on IG with this great post on IG:

“It’s hard to work for Darth Inc and pursue your love of legography, but Me2 seems to find a good balance. When he’s not performing some corporate daring do…he’s creating some of the best Lego photos around. … Now if we can only get Me2 to work less and post more” … 
And indeed there is a lot of truth in this post when it comes to striking a balance between corporate live and just shooting being Stuck in Plastic.
Would I want to work less and post more ?
For sure there are days when Darth is going crazy on the flavor of  the latest marsh-mellows on the Death Star I would like to join Dilbert and take a corporate break, but in general it is the shopfloor reality of corporate Inc. that keeps me going.
It is not a work life balance, but a balance of life.

I would not be me without the corporate Inc. and me in my relationship with Darth and corporate Inc. would not be the same if I hadn’t my legography to escape the corporate madness for a while and sharpen the saw (ouch, is it still political correct to mention the seven habits now that Dr. Stephen R. Covey is no longer setting the scene ?).

So it is a synergy that feeds upon each other and strengthen and influences each other time and time again.

I feel a drive to take pictures and work my “art” but I need the touch with reality and big Inc. to feel that same reality and feel the power balance and not just live in my ivory tower seeking for inner beauty just within myself.

Brick Inc. 
Big Inc.

Star Wars, LEGO, Disney, … a series of Big Inc. that influences our creativity and artistic self.