Karlsson on the roof

Today turned out to be one of those special days. A day when an instant walk turns into something completely different and then some more … a spark to a new adventure. As most of you know today we were going to join the InstaMeet in Stockholm, explore some of the beautiful views Stockholm has …

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While Shelly is exploring the mystery fields of Big Inc. and wonders if the neocortex powers of the why are not overestimated and we all just need a daily dose of sugar to keep us motivated, I took a break from all these big questions of life and took a walk in the city. A …

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Brick Inc.

Herr K. from Hamburg being featured by Brick Inc. Today @brickcentral featured me on IG with this great post on IG: “It’s hard to work for Darth Inc and pursue your love of legography, but Me2 seems to find a good balance. When he’s not performing some corporate daring do…he’s creating some of the best …

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