Projects sometimes need time. Time to grow and mature. Evolve and become better like a bottle of good wine. Researched and learned from the mistakes along the road. BorisTaking plastic places. Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come. 100% Stuck In Plastic.


Last month’s word was numbers. From day one the number two was lingering in the back of my mind. Zero and one. The binary system exists out of two very powerful elements. Like Yin and Yang. Black and White. Yes and No. Done or not done. Very binary. BorisTaking plastic places. Exploring my inner child …

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Remember our word of March? Don’t worry if you forgot. It was Projects. Projects tend to have a deadline, and I talked about that one as well, especially since I missed that deadline. Now deadlines are nothing more as a line in the sand, a date to work to. Critical. But not the most important. What …

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This month our word is travel. Traveling to faraway destinations, exploring the unknown. Discovering new environments, new light, new sounds, and trying to catch the moment. The world as our studio. Some of us shoot mainly in the studio and like to recreate the magic on a blank canvas from the ground up, controlling all the …

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PS. Deadline

When we set the timeline for the project due date at the 31st March, we implicitly introduced the deadline. The deadline finds it origin (*) in the early days of journalism and the printing press, with the guideline marked on the press plate that set the boundaries. The deadline in which everything needed to fit and …

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This month seems to be flashing by, in circles, colorful, great fun, and at a dizzying speed. No time to focus. Just like a Tardis. Or a good old merry-go-round. No head, no tail, an outer space portal-like experience. A blur of colors. A childhood passion. Yet before you know the ride is over and …

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Twins (or look-a-likes) have something magical. I grew up with Jansen and Janssen (Thomson and Thompson in English, Dupond et Dupont in French) in the TinTin adventures. Of course, there are more. From historical twins like Romulus and Remus, over the more fictional twins in literature (Wikipedia gives us a list of over 200 fictional twins) to the ever perpetually …

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This month word is a pretty simple one. One we use quite often, in our day to day live, at home, at school or at work. One every photographer should explore more if not yet fully part of his or her photographer’s toolbox. And that is exactly what we will be doing this month. Explore …

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Inspiration. Derived from the latin inspirare or to breathe in is according to Wikipedia the unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or another artistic endeavor like shooting plastic. Inspiration. Our second word in our journey here in twenty seventeen has often been credited with a divine power. The muses with the old greeks …

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