One of the unique gifts I have received here on Stuck In Plastic in the last three years is the gift of friendship. Making new real live friends.
Friendships that go beyond the short thumbs up social interactions or becoming friends on Facebook.
Friends that turn into real live deep connections.

I unknowingly bumped into one of those special friendships at the Stockholm Airport in the summer of 2015.
It was the first ever European SiP toy safari and I was pretty nervous to pick up some of these friendly “strangers” and be their host for three days in our place.
So when I entered terminal 5 from the parking lot with a smaller SiP sign in my hand, I got instantly welcomed by a warm hearted stranger with a bear hug and a broad smile (yes, I was late to pick up my guests) …

Some memorable photoshoots, a sauna and a few book exchanges later we actually met again in his hometown in the spring of 2016.
Another meet up was born that weekend for SiP later in the year.
This time in Hamburg and he agreed to be our host.

Sharing toys in Hamburg …

So when it was time to take a creative break earlier this month and check back on goals and self reflection, Stefan was one of the first I wanted to talk to and explore the ideas where we wanted to take Stuck In Plastic in 2017 and beyond. A listening ear, a trusted soundboard and a warm hearted advisor.

Stefan has been like so many of you part of this little circle of friends of Stuck In Plastic, actively participated in many activities and has become a personal friend of mine thanks to … Stuck In Plastic.

During one of our long(ish) conversations, I asked Stefan if he wanted to join and take a more active role in our little collective moving forward.  After a good night of sleep he said … yes.

Stefan, our fearless guide at the Hamburg Toy Safari

Welcome aboard, Stefan (also known as  HerrK) !

I am sure I speak on behalf of all of us that we are happy to have you onboard and continue the adventures ahead !


PS. We will be sharing those planned and unplanned adventures in more details in the coming few days. Stay tuned !

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7 years ago


7 years ago

Exactly my words! Thank you, Julien!

7 years ago

I’m so glad you are onboard :) What a win for the SIP-community

7 years ago
Reply to  Kristina

Thank you for your kind words, Kristina! I´m hoping you´re right here..;)

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