Happy Bee-ster

Earlier this week I was browsing the #stuckinplastic IG feed when my flicking finger stopped on a refreshing bee image that instantly connected with me.  I don’t know what it was that made me stop. Was it just the physical combination of blue and orange that triggered an emotional reaction in my limbic system ? Continue reading “Happy Bee-ster”

It’s Friday …


The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the “day of Frige”, a result of an old convention associating the Old English goddess Frigg with the Roman goddess Venus, with whom the day is associated in many different cultures. The same holds for Frīatag in Old High German, Freitag in Modern German and Vrijdag in Flemish. The modern Scandinavian form is Fredag in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, meaning Freyja’s day. The distinction between Freyja and Frigg in some Germanic mythologies is problematic to say the least, yet for most of us it just means the day that ends the work week and starts the weekend (*) …

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Femme Fatale

This #FeatureFriday is all about another type of F as mentioned in my reply to Shelly earlier this week. This #FF is all about the Femme Fatale that are hiding in my IG follower list and make up a serious amount of who i am following and acts as a data point that the toy photography scene is not biased towards the male species at least according to my book (do read the original discussion here ).

Women who practice the fine art of toy photography on their IG account once in a while in one shape or the other and are part of my followings list.

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A most interesting week.

I was planning to write a long post this fine #FeatureFriday on how Social Media changed the photographers and fine art scene and created a new virtual world of connecting artist and collectors alike, welcoming Mike here in our little collective and share my experience on how I discovered his first works when all of a sudden my work laptop crashed.

Blue Screen of Death.
The Bit Fields.
Rendered bitless in the purest sense of the word.
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Eyes without a face

I was once asked “What is so special about Stormtroopers? Why are you using them so often?..” I had literally more than a hundred answers for that one question, all related to their signature presence in Star Wars series. But those were all emotional explanations.

Then I realized that there was a technical answer to that as well. Continue reading “Eyes without a face”

The Toy Photographer of Dreams

We all have our favourites among the toyphotographers out there. I wrote earlier about Michael Paul Smith’s wonderful miniature automobile photography, I’m a big fan. Now I’d like to say a few words about a photographer who is quite different to Michael Paul Smith. One of my big favourites: Leah Minium. You might already know her work, though, she’s got quite a few followers on her Instagram feed.

Among some personal photographs there are a lot of toys in Leah’s Instagram feed, you can spot some Star Wars action figures here and there, maybe a teddy bear or those tiny little people figures that, if I guess right, come from miniature railroads. And a dinosaur for those who know to appreciate these things.

Leah’s photos have a subdued colour scheme, they are heavily edited, yet very delicate in the end. There is a dreamy and haunting quality to her feed, it’s a world of it’s own, parallel to ours. It is kind of nostalgic too, like watching someone else’s memories and feeling uncertain whether they’re your own after all. From another life, perhaps? It’s quite uncanny, really.

Posted with permission from Leah Minium.

About Leah Minium, links to her work.

Fun Friday

Another week has raced by (pun intended) and it only feels like yesterday when we posted our last Feature Friday here on Stuck In Plastic. A week of dinosaurs (here, here and here again) and naked Fins (*). A most crazy week in the gallery with lots of visitors from all around the world, and in all this crazy madness awesomeness we should never, ever forget why we do this.

We shoot plastic because it is fun !

Browsing through this weeks collection of #stuckinplastic I got sidetracked and clicked on  Bjørn-Magne Stuestøl aka @duplobuilder feed on IG and got reminded why we do this.

Because it is fun !

I have been following and enjoying @duplobuilders feed as it contains great content for all ages.

From the art lover to the more inspired fifty shades of … (you get the picture) and if you enjoy the art of shooting plastic I can warmly recommend his feed allthough his figurines may be slightly oversized and ruff around the edges.

But then again, it is all about having Fun™


(*) more on the topic of naked toys in the Finnish sauna later …