Behind the Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy Part.2

Like the previous ”Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy” photograph I wrote about, this image isn’t a standalone true original idea either; it has roots in earlier versions. Actually, the earliest example I can pinpoint as predecessor to this idea of an interior filled with smoke to create an atmosphere, was with a South American cave setting using the Indiana Jones mini figure in 2009:

South America, 1938.

Their have been various tests of this approach over the years, trials and errors, but none have really nailed it. The first of these was in 2012. I created a crossover image using the Jabba’s Lair LEGO set 9516 with Indy Jones stealing the Chachapoyan fertility idol (a gold plated custom brick) from Jabba’s collections. There were some meta level gags in this image as the Indy Jones (Harrison Ford) mini figure recognizes the setting as somehow familiar. Continue reading “Behind the Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy Part.2”


Oh my…

Just as everyone seems to be all busy preparing their journeys to the north east of the United States and looking forward to this weekend’s Seattle Toy Photography Meet-Up, I´m rather feeling torn between going green with envy and simply being sad because I can´t be there…

…to meet all the fantastic attendees from all over the place!

…to  actually meet many of those tiny digital people from inside my mobile device in real life!

…to get together with like-minded individuals and feel the spirit amongst toy photographers!

…to learn more and more about taking photos and about other cultures´ toys!

…to simply have a massively great time!!!

But, there is a light in the dark.
Continue reading “A LIGHT IN THE DARK”

The Audience

Kristina’s recent post on her photographic audience got me thinking along similar lines, and I think we have different attitudes to our viewers.

I’m a selfish photographer, all of the photographs I take are really for me. Then why post them online, you say? The only way to improve photography is with dedicated practice, pushing yourself a little bit further as you go. The difficult part with photography is working out if you’re actually improving, and that’s difficult to do on your own. Continue reading “The Audience”

From a Different Angle

If you asked me to choose between photographer or Lego enthusiast to describe myself, I would undoubtedly choose Lego enthusiast. Whilst my Instagram feed is packed with photos of Lego, my photographic skills amount to quickly snapping minifigs or MOCs to share with my followers and using filters to work their magic. I guess this might be why I might have been a surprise attendee at the #baltictoysafari. Continue reading “From a Different Angle”

The Worst Thing About Locations

Vesa wrote a bit about locations last month,  and how they can inspire photographic adventures. My experience has been almost the exact opposite.

Last week I was up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, and being a dutiful toy photographer I took with me a small selection of minifigs. I also took my ‘travel camera’, a small Fuji mirrorless camera with a macro lens that is considerably smaller and lighter than my DSLR setup. I would hate to get stuck in front of the perfect photo opportunity with only my phone camera. Continue reading “The Worst Thing About Locations”