A most interesting week.

I was planning to write a long post this fine #FeatureFriday on how Social Media changed the photographers and fine art scene and created a new virtual world of connecting artist and collectors alike, welcoming Mike here in our little collective and share my experience on how I discovered his first works when all of a sudden my work laptop crashed.

Blue Screen of Death.
The Bit Fields.
Rendered bitless in the purest sense of the word.

A most interesting experience.

I tried to resurrect my work horse by doing some heart massage and plugging the battery out and count to ten, but no luck. Dead. Gone. And the dudes from ER are talking about replacing the hard disk (again). You get the picture.

And then I moved on.
Damage control.
Check and evaluate and take a deep breath.

Almost all my data (this was not my main dream station, just my travel horse) lives in the cloud today, using tools like @dropbox, @google and a few others (I have to admit @adobe is not living in the cloud like @google yet) and my main stationary data (read the @adobe stuff and some last minute desktop presentations for @darth) where safely backed up into the @cloud by my backup partner @crashplan who actively keeps a copy online.

My Precious.

I am still struggling to recover my full workflow on my temp work horse, something that @apple,  @icloud and @chrome are actively trying to address (remember the long and windy road) but I only lost some creative time the last 48 hour.

I did not loose any unrecoverable data or images.

I have to say thank you @crashplan (OK, I do pay them, so in theory I don’t have to, but I still want to) for keeping my back and my precious data. Thank You !

And for all of you out there, remember, your pictures are precious memories that should be kept for generations to come.

Make sure you have them backed up with any of the mainstream providers, I can recommend the dudes at @crashplan but the most important is that your data is safely backed up.

Let us know in the comments below how you keep your precious data save for the next generations to come.


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Shelly Corbett
9 years ago

I can’t believe your luck!

9 years ago

Well, that sucks! I have experienced a death of a laptop a few years ago, didn’t lose anything even though it was a time before automatic backups. But the way the old horse went down… It was magnificient! After a few hours of fluctuating between sleep and wake modes (during which I saved everything) the life of my Mac suddenly ended with an incredible high pitch scream that lasted a minute, or so, loud enough to hurt my ears, a final wail of death – and then nothing. I do not know what it was that caused the sound, maybe… Read more »

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