The Toy Photographer of Dreams

We all have our favourites among the toyphotographers out there. I wrote earlier about Michael Paul Smith’s wonderful miniature automobile photography, I’m a big fan. Now I’d like to say a few words about a photographer who is quite different to Michael Paul Smith. One of my big favourites: Leah Minium. You might already know her work, though, she’s got quite a few followers on her Instagram feed.

Among some personal photographs there are a lot of toys in Leah’s Instagram feed, you can spot some Star Wars action figures here and there, maybe a teddy bear or those tiny little people figures that, if I guess right, come from miniature railroads. And a dinosaur for those who know to appreciate these things.

Leah’s photos have a subdued colour scheme, they are heavily edited, yet very delicate in the end. There is a dreamy and haunting quality to her feed, it’s a world of it’s own, parallel to ours. It is kind of nostalgic too, like watching someone else’s memories and feeling uncertain whether they’re your own after all. From another life, perhaps? It’s quite uncanny, really.

Posted with permission from Leah Minium.

About Leah Minium, links to her work.

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Captain Kaos
8 years ago

Leah’s photos never fail to amaze. I’m blown away EVERYTIME she posts something, one of my favorites ever. Great article

8 years ago

Thanks for the reminder, Leah really does do beautiful work. She has such an original voice. I enjoy all her photos, toy and otherwise.

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