Captain Kaos

Not a Chance!

You might recall an earlier post where I wrote about going on vacation and the challenges I had with that. Well, I’m happy to report I am writing this while on previously mentioned vacation. It’s been glorious! I am not trying to kick sand in the faces of my North Atlantic Seaboard brethren, but this …

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the once and future Loner

I’m an introvert. I prefer to spend large amounts of time by myself. Being around groups of people (read that as more than one person) causes me physical and mental discomfort. I get headaches, my skin crawls and there’s a battle going on, internally, about staying or leaving. That said, I usually shoot my pictures alone.


An internet Troll is a disgusting, narcissistic and sadistic creature that takes great pleasure in making you as miserable as he/she is. They often conduct their campaigns of sleaze from the safe confines of their mothers basement, a filthy toilet stall in a high school or while sponging free wifi as they sip their Venti …

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I tried something different. I tried to apply some “real” photography techniques to my toyphotography. Conditions and time restraints warranted a change in the way I usually operate. The images I managed to capture were met with a very loud and very apparent “Meh” across the various social media sites I post to. Disappointing to …

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It’s Everywhere !

I shoot outdoor toy photography and walk around with a steady stream of picture possibilities in my head all day long. So when the weather decides to deliver the best of what winter has to offer and I get stressed out, I get antsy, anxious and angry! I take it as insult straight from Mother …

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“inspired by”

Say those words out loud. “Inspired by…” I can’t read or say those two words without them coming off as dreamy, reverent or almost ethereal at times.


  On December 18, 2015, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was unleashed upon the planet. On December 18, 2015, a picture of mine was featured by Instagram in their “Search and Explore” tab within the popular app. I was thrilled, right? Wrong. Let me explain.

the anxiety

HAVE YOU FELT IT ? or …have you seen the trailers, the commercials, the action figures, the clothing, the cereal, the coffee creamer, the toothpaste, the mouthwash, the toilet paper !?!!! The Force  is going to awaken, not too long from now actually, and I couldn’t be happier. It seems as though the entire world …

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