Feature Friday

It is Friday.
We launched our #SiPgoesTGIF weekly challenge on Instagram this morning and for those of you who don’t like Mark and are ignoring FB and IG, it is all about Black and White Photography.

You can read the challenge below (and in the unlikely event you don’t follow this crazy bunch of toy photographers on IG, then now is the time, we just hit 10K followers and are a little bit proud of that).

So, back to Feature Friday?

Who caught our eye.
Who did we want to put in the spotlight this week?
Share some of our Happy Friday love with.

Would it be Ian?

Ian, the featured artist on our B/W challenge, close friend and the one that keeps me honest when I put too much pressure on the workshops and reminds us it is all about fun.
Ian, who I got to know in our first ever Baltic Toy Safari in my hometown in Vaxholm, Sweden.

The Baltic Toy Safari in 2015 – Stockholm Edition
Scotland 2019
The Denmark Edition in 2019

Or Jennifer ?

Our resident JJK Gif Master on our discord GIF channel. A close friend we got to know in our series of virtual workshops in the last year.
And the one who had a birthday only yesterday.
Yep Jennifer aka jjk_brickphotography on IG.
Go wish her a happy birth week :)
And if you don’t follow her yet then go ahead and hit that follow button

So who is our Feature Friday this week?

Good question.
We have been going back and forth on this and the jury is still out on it. We do think that all the amazing folks hanging out in our little chat room on Discord and get engaged on the Friday TGIF challenge already on Monday need a special shout-out.

So special thanks to thanks to Alice, Alicia, Stefan, Tjaard, Dan, Gaz, David, Ann, Joschka, Michael, Maloy, Justin, Reisha, Sunti, Carl, Filip, Ian, Alexandre, and all our other close friends and crew.

It is amazing to see so much creativity throughout the week.

Happy Friday!

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