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When Vesa decided yesterday to turn Throwback Thursday into Feature Friday and put Leah Minium in the spotlights he did not just think outside the box but also reconfirmed our creative collective is all about who influences us, why we shoot what we shoot and create a creative collective of like minded creators and collectors who share the passion of plastic.

Our creative collective and the movement of taking plastic places is growing in all directions.

We have had collectors who like our work and put it right in the middle of the architectural scene (what better place to have some plastic showing off as a corporate board room ?). We have had creatives who shared their story with us and new creative regulars joining the outer circles of the onion we are here at Stuck In Plastic.

This Feature Friday is to all Collectors and Creatives out there (read YOU) that want to share their voice and be part  of this twenty first century pop movement of being stuck in plastic and are looking for a creative outlet to voice their inner self.

We decided we will open up the doors and floors and let you submit your story, your voice, your thoughts here on Stuck In Plastic not just in the comments, but center stage and let you be part of the creative movement this collective is part of.

Let you be the Feature Friday every day of the week.

We just installed a new module that should make cooperation easier, let you publish your own story and be part of being stuck in plastic here, so if you are interested in sharing your view on why you shoot or collect plastic, just register here, update your profile and get yourself a nice avatar and sent a quick message to Shelly or me that you want to become a member of the very first writers guild here on Stuck In Plastic and share your own stories (*).

The paint is still on the walls of the first guild house (euuhh, some of the walls dont even have paint) and we are not completely sure where this new feature will take us, but we know we have to take plastic places with you … and this feels the right way to go …

It is Feature Friday after all …



 (*) we are still figuring all the details out and our hand was forced by Vesa stealing our regular #FF, but if your name is Cindy, John, Nick, Max, Susanne, Beatrice, Stephane, Ann, Pinar, Dorottya, Jon, Bryan, Alex, Abbey, … don’t hesitate to take the lead and get yourself familiar with our new guild house of writers …

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Lyn Miller-Lachmann
8 years ago

I just signed in, finally, and added my picture. I’d like to write a feature, if you’re interested in branching out a bit to include an author and translator who happens to play with Lego. A book that I translated from Portuguese, The World in a Second, is coming out on April 14, and my own novel, Surviving Santiago, will be out June 2. I’d love to write a guest post about either or both of these books.

Shelly Corbett
8 years ago

Lyn, We are still working out the finer details of this large experiment. As long as the post reflects toy photography and how you incorporate that in your writing and marketing I think it would probably fly. If you want to send me a draft of what you had in mind Me2 and I can look it over. :D

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