Heavy Lifting

When The LEGO Group sent us a little email asking if we would be interested to review some LEGO Technic sets, we looked at each other and scratched our head. LEGO Technic is not the obvious sweet spot of the average toy photographer and while we have reviewed iconic LEGO Technic sets in the past with the Porsche and the Bugatti Chiron both reviews were two years apart.

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And while we almost said “no, thanks”  I remembered the discussion we had in 2016 in one of our hangouts where I tried to convince Vesa to shoot the LEGO Technic Claas Xerion in the Finnish woods. I got that idea when I saw that beauty in the RLFM days of 2016 in Billund hidden behind the Porsche.  And while that idea did not realize itself in 2016,  it made me go all in two years later. Be brave and bold and hit the reply button with “Yes, Of course”. Continue reading “Heavy Lifting”

Fun Friday

Another week has raced by (pun intended) and it only feels like yesterday when we posted our last Feature Friday here on Stuck In Plastic. A week of dinosaurs (here, here and here again) and naked Fins (*). A most crazy week in the gallery with lots of visitors from all around the world, and in all this crazy madness awesomeness we should never, ever forget why we do this.

We shoot plastic because it is fun !

Browsing through this weeks collection of #stuckinplastic I got sidetracked and clicked on  Bjørn-Magne Stuestøl aka @duplobuilder feed on IG and got reminded why we do this.

Because it is fun !

I have been following and enjoying @duplobuilders feed as it contains great content for all ages.

From the art lover to the more inspired fifty shades of … (you get the picture) and if you enjoy the art of shooting plastic I can warmly recommend his feed allthough his figurines may be slightly oversized and ruff around the edges.

But then again, it is all about having Fun™


(*) more on the topic of naked toys in the Finnish sauna later …