Hamburg is a go.

The date is set (last full weekend of September) and the preparations are in full swing to make this one a unique experience like every other Stuck In Plastic toy photography meetup to date.

Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany, the eight largest city on the European continent (you hear a city theme emerging here) and is easily reachable by public and private transport from all over Europe (direct flights to Hamburg available from all major cities, including high and low costs carriers like eurowings and easyjet).

@HerrK – The Rich and Famous of Hamburg are everywhere …

We are actively working locations and facilities like hotel and bed and breakfast options, as the City of Hamburg decided to throw in a little festival to welcome us all and so we will be joining the good folks visiting the Reeper Bahn Music Festival in the city of Hamburg at the same time as we are shooting plastic.

All of this and much more you can actively follow in our SiP goes Hamburg Facebook Group where we will share all details with those of you who are coming (or are seriously thinking of coming).

So, just join our SiP goes Hamburg FB group if you are planning to come and we take all the event details  and questions over there !

See you all in Hamburg !

Boris and Stefan

@HerrK – Coffee anyone ?



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7 years ago

I just joined the group. Thank you guys for organising this event .

Stacy Phillips
7 years ago

Wooooohoooo! Pretty sure I can still make it, so excited to get planning!!

7 years ago

Yay! I can’t wait! Looking forward to meeting everyone and finally seeing Hamburg!

7 years ago

Hello, I am so coming! I have joined the group and looking forward to meet old and new friends :)

7 years ago

Excellent idea!
I love so much this blog, and I can think about this.
A meeting of toyphotographers is super awesome!
I hope to come there. ;)

7 years ago

Yeaahh, we have already booked the plane and our hotel in Hamburg. We are very happy to join it this time as well.
Thanks Boris and Stefan for the organization!

7 years ago

Sorry guys… just checked with my Boss and he makes me stay in over that weekend! I’m so sad about that… really wanted to join in! Have fun and maybe I can join some other time!


7 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Hmm would be a great idea! But if I told him that I take photos of toys… I guess he would fire me… Looking forward to another opportunity! Already thought about something here in Switzerland…

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