Have LEGO, will travel

At the end of the month, I’m heading off to Hamburg for the 2016 European toy photo safari. The moment I saw it announced, I knew I had to go. To be able to share toy photography with other like-minded people is an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

This is a little out of character for me. I mean, I don’t normally like to leave the comfort of my own home, let alone get on plane to another country by myself. I did try to persuade my partner to come with me, but he has enough trouble standing around whilst I pose LEGO figures for five minutes, let alone spending the whole weekend doing it.

So that was out, and I was left to make the decision to go by myself or not at all. Continue reading “Have LEGO, will travel”

Toy Photography Meet-up Seattle

Join us on the next toy photography meet up in Seattle May 20-24! Seattle offers a variety of tried and true photography locations from urban settings, to glorious mountain streams, a variety of lakes as well as the Puget Sound with both sandy and rocky beaches.

Shelly can also show you tangled swamps and forests filled with moss! All are perfect for macro toy photography. Besides all this toy photography goodness we’re planning a few social and educational events that may include a baseball game on Monday the 24th (optional), frisbee golf (also optional), a casting workshop, a lighting seminar, a print exchange, toy raffle and a trip to a local improve theatre

Real World Friendships

What does a toy photo safari look like? What does it feel like? I think it’s safe to say that most toy photographers start out taking pictures alone. It’s not every day you see an adult with a backpack full of children’s toys squatting in the wilderness, camera in hand, cursing when their action figure blows over or crying when their white ninja washes out to sea (full disclosure here: my white ninja washed out to sea…so sad). Continue reading “Real World Friendships”