A LEGO Minecraft Christmas

A LEGO Minecraft Christmas told in six photos. As the holidays approached there was a festive spirit running through The  Overworld, The Nether and The End. All the inhabitants of the Minecraft World were looking forward to the upcoming feast.

Star Wars Contest follow-up

Our second photographic competition has come to a conclusion and the winners have been notified. With 184 photos from 72 entrants, we doubled the participation levels of our last contest. And let me be the first to say: You guys rock!

2016 Highlights – my perspective

Like my friend Brett, I also had an amazing year. 2016 was a year filled with photography, new friendships, toy photography related travel and lots of photography meet-ups. The year started out strong and finished even stronger with many amazing experiences in between.

Moving from the abstract to the concrete

I have raised my kids within the Montessori system of education which believes in the natural progression of learning that moves from the concrete to abstract. This concept is defined by the children first working with physical objects like wooden blocks and beads that represent abstract concepts like the number system and mathematical equations.

Interesting KickStarter Projects

I’ve backed many Kickstarter projects over the years including a few that are toy related: Crazy Arms, Adaptalux and MouseGuard to name a few. These three campaigns have been an asset to my own creativity and I’m grateful to the Kickstarter platform for helping my fellow creative’s realize their dreams.

The Basics – Exposure Compensation

Every DSLR camera owner has his or her preferred camera settings. Many photographers swear by the Manual setting, while others love to use Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority. They each have their advantages depending on what your personal creative vision is.

Mussing’s on Community, Belonging and Toy Photography

In my G+ mentorship program we’re asked a daily question. These questions are designed to get us to think about our lives in new and different ways. I thought I would answer one of the questions that came up this week publicly since it has some relevance to recent events.

Lets Shake the Blog Up!

Its time to shake this blog up and see where we land. I hate to bore myself and I really don’t want to bore you. In an effort to keep us ALL interested, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit. Since there’s no one around to stop me and tell me this is a crazy idea, I decided to go for …

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