It´s the season of – a ToyPhotoSafari!

Ah, don´t you just love September in the northern hemisphere?

Summer is just rolling the dice trying to decide whether to stay or make space for autumn; still you have all these sweet memories of precious days off, maybe still finding some sand in your pockets from some beaches far, far away. The shelves of the supermarkets are being monopolized by Christmas cakes/cookies/chocolate.. (and did I just hear “Last Christmas” for the first time this year??)

This year September is feeling different for me. Every time I´m heading downtown I´m thinking about this month´s last weekend! Are there still better places to see? Will Petrus, our weather god, be merciful on us? Did we think of everything or what have we forgotten? If you´re asking yourself “Why? What´s going on in Hamburg on that weekend?” the let me reply” Oh my, it´s the weekend of the HamburgToyPhotoSafari”!

Yes, I´m already and definitely looking forward to be spending that weekend with old friends and new faces, roaming the streets of the city looking for interesting corners to take photos of plastic and to having a great time. I´m hoping to avoid some mistakes from my previous meet-up in the Archipelago last year (when near water, watch all your belongings; check on your equipment beforehand; local beverages,…) and am absolutely looking forward to meeting some attendees who so far I only met on Instagram. I´m also hoping to creating this a weekend to make those who will be there want to come back again-whether it´s for the people, the spirit, the architecture…


If you´ve already booked a flight/train/hotel-
better pack your gear and toys like PerryPanda- I can´t wait to meet you!

If you haven´t but are thinking of giving it a go-
go and join the SiP goes Hamburg Facebook group to get more info on when and where and to help us planning as precise as possible.

If you haven´t because you know you can´t make it this time although you had wished to-
rest assured we will be thinking of you and sharing some moments on the social media under hashtags yet to be announced.


Why go on a toy safari ?

When the #BalticToySafari was first announced I was really looking forward to attending.

I was hoping to learn how to take better pictures of Lego. I was looking forward to meeting some of the tiny digital people from inside my mobile device in real life. And I was hoping not to find professional photographers who would only smile about a guy taking his pics with his cellphone. Little did I know… Continue reading “Why go on a toy safari ?”

What Happens in Vaxholm, Stays in Vaxholm …

Suddenly, Boris (the man behind Me2) shouted ”Look what I found! Is this my lucky day? Who lost his Iphone?”. I started touching my pockets, it was mine, my iphone! It fell out of my jacket while I was laying on the floor shooting a picture of my C3PO and R2D2, totally absorbed trying to get the best backlight I could at 5.30 in the morning on a little beach near an old military castle. Last time I lost a phone it was 5.30 in the morning and I was having a great time too, but I was a little drunk and getting out of a disco with my friends about 12 years ago (that time I didn’t get the phone back!). Continue reading “What Happens in Vaxholm, Stays in Vaxholm …”

From a Different Angle

If you asked me to choose between photographer or Lego enthusiast to describe myself, I would undoubtedly choose Lego enthusiast. Whilst my Instagram feed is packed with photos of Lego, my photographic skills amount to quickly snapping minifigs or MOCs to share with my followers and using filters to work their magic. I guess this might be why I might have been a surprise attendee at the #baltictoysafari. Continue reading “From a Different Angle”

One Ring To Rule Them All …

One of the more intimate moments I encountered during the #baltictoysafari was a one on one talk I had with @herrsm on his expectations of our gathering on Friday afternoon, well before we really started to share toys, shoot together, create magic and embark fully on this rollercoaster of plus 24 hours shooting of plastic across cultures. It was like old friends discussing our expectations and before we knew it, we ended up on one of my favorite topics: the rules  of engagement. The rules enforced by the craftsmanship; the rules of the language of writing with light. Continue reading “One Ring To Rule Them All …”

A Beautiful Dream Full of Regrets

Now that I have been home for a few days I am only now beginning to process the amazing adventure my daughter and I had traveling across Europe on our way to the #baltictoysafari. When I started planning this trip earlier this year, it always seemed too good to be true. I am pleased to report that it lived up to even my wildest expectations. Now that I have experienced all that I planned it feels like a dream; one that was over all too quick. Continue reading “A Beautiful Dream Full of Regrets”

A Time and a Place

Yesterday Me2 talked about one of the amazing locations we were privileged to shoot in while on the island of Vaxholm; Oskar-Frederiksborg. He hinted at the specialness of the location and the beauty of the light within, which only reinforces one of the lessons I had to re-learn at the #baltictoysafari. When you are shooting toys in a natural environment, your photography is merely a reflection of a particular time and a place. Continue reading “A Time and a Place”


Locations, a photographers best friend.

When we started the preparations for our very first #BalticToySafari we obviously selected outdoor locations in our beautiful archipelago. Locations I have been shooting many times before and have been gifted with the magical light of the North. Continue reading “Oskar-Fredriksborg”