Locations, a photographers best friend.

When we started the preparations for our very first #BalticToySafari we obviously selected outdoor locations in our beautiful archipelago. Locations I have been shooting many times before and have been gifted with the magical light of the North.

A most wonderful experiences when the sky is not pouring down hectolitres of H20 on  the poor photographer  who decided to shoot that specific day. And the #BalticToySafari was a special day. A day we could expect some rain, a day we needed a plan B. A backup to our outdoors locations just in case heaven decided to open their doors and poor water up on us. And the #BalticToySafari was a special day.

So, we got our Chief Of Locations on the phone and scout for the right indoor places around the corner, and yes, she got in touch with the right persons.

The end of August, a fair chance of water, and where to shoot in case the weather gods (read SMHI) were not playing ball ?!?

Thank You, Anders I, Anders II, Greger, Martina and Oskar II for sharing this awesome top secret location with us !

Thank You, Swedish Statens Fastighetsverk ! 

Getting access to one of Swedish Secret Rooms is every Toy Photographer Dream, and we got some beautiful shots out of it …myroom-007-169

Thank You !


Post Scriptum. As soon as I saw the location, I knew I had to take my AT/AT there. The Rebels left the base …


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8 years ago

That place was magic!

8 years ago

What a great place, what a great once in a lifetime opportunity to have a look inside the massive walls of this historic area!
One more THANK YOU to our location scout for calling the right people over and again!!!

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