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Ninja Vanish!

Well, it seems President Business is at it again. Last week, 36 of my Brick Sailboat LEGO ninja pictures were removed from Redbubble by Redbubble at the request of LEGO A/S. They claimed ownership of these 36 pictures (but not my many other pics for sale on the site) and poof, they’ve been taken down. …

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Real World Friendships

What does a toy photo safari look like? What does it feel like? I think it’s safe to say that most toy photographers start out taking pictures alone. It’s not every day you see an adult with a backpack full of children’s toys squatting in the wilderness, camera in hand, cursing when their action figure …

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An Outdoor Light Box

Like a lot of toy photographers, I love taking pictures outdoors. It’s wild – a wave washing my little LEGO subjects out to sea, a snake slithering between my legs as I quietly stand (holding my breath) in a swampy drainage ditch, or even the curious human passing by inquiring about what exactly is going …

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OMG. I have a style. A Brick Sailboat photographic style. It wasn’t always there, I guess parts of it were, but now I see it clear as day. I see it in most of my shots. Consequently, my style is absent from every shot I decide NOT to share. Hundreds of discarded shots sent to the …

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