Real World Friendships

What does a toy photo safari look like? What does it feel like? I think it’s safe to say that most toy photographers start out taking pictures alone. It’s not every day you see an adult with a backpack full of children’s toys squatting in the wilderness, camera in hand, cursing when their action figure blows over or crying when their white ninja washes out to sea (full disclosure here: my white ninja washed out to sea…so sad).

OK, so maybe, if you’re like my wife, you do regularly see a seemingly sane adult with a backpack full of toys yelling at the ocean. But, have you ever seen an entire flock of toy photographers practicing their craft all at once? I have. A year ago. The Vegas Toy Photo Safari.

As the upcoming Seattle Toy Photo Safari nears, I’d like to confirm, as Captain Kaos ponders at the end of a recent post, that he and other safari goers will make real world friendships.

Whether you’re definitely attending or you’re on the fence, know that you will fit right in. You already know such an important part of the photographers you follow online. By regularly looking at their work, laughing at their jokes, and commenting on their pictures, you have a view through one of the most important windows of these artists – you see their work, their passion, their toys.

When I met the real life versions of people I’ve followed online for years, it ended up being totally comfortable. It was tons of fun. It was easy to take pictures of my toys around them. Still not sure? Then check out our recently completed video from last year’s Vegas Toy Photo Safari and get ready to make friends…in real life!

~Paul   (@bricksailboat)

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Josh johnson
Josh johnson
8 years ago


Can’t wait to see everyone in May!!

Jon Aiken
8 years ago

Man, seeing this takes me back to that glorious weekend!
Also, dinosaurs are hard to shoot!!!

8 years ago

This is amazing!
I would like to know friends who have the same passion to take a walk in the wood and shot our Lego photos.
I love your feed, bricksailboat, there are some great pictures like the last one.
Keep on the good work! ;)

Stefan (@herrsm)
8 years ago

Ha! Cheers, Paul, for this video!
Sharing these moments with fellow toyphotographers is just priceless…

8 years ago

Such an amazing video .. Shows how fun it is to be surrounded by the people who enjoy the same thing you do

8 years ago

Awesome video… so great to see some of my fave toy photographers out there have a blast! Nice job, thanks for sharing :-)

Leila (brickandmordor)

I love this! Great job Mr. S! So wonderful to finally see this and take a trip down memory lane.

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