toy photo safari

SiP goes SWEDEN 2023

Less than a month before our annual toy photography come together (some call it a safari) is about to take place.A weekend packed with toys, photography and old and new friends. And if you have been on the fence of joining, then you can still reserve your spot as there are a few seats left. …

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SiP went Paris 2018 – The Guest Book

Our last toy photo safari has been over for several weeks, now. But here are some quotes from the participants. Maybe it will inspire you to join us for our next meet-up. stuckinplasticStuck In Plastic. The creative collective of toy photographers.

SiP went Paris 2018

After several toy Safaris around Europe, in Stockholm, Hamburg, London or Edinburgh, it was time to visit Paris. It was the second time for us to be in the City of lights, after an exhibition at Le6Brick earlier this year. The edition of SiPgoesParis 2018 was awesome. Everyone seems to have enjoyed this event: 20 people …

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My First Toy Safari

I finally did it. Well, I’ve done it, I’ve finally met a fellow toy photographer! I’ve wanted to do it for years. I’ve watched from afar, read articles on blogs about Toy Safaris in far-away lands and even posted the odd comment on Instagram and Facebook posts. The thing is, toy photography has always been …

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Toy Safari checklist

Let’s go to bingo! Hmm. Hang on. That’s not quite right. Let’s go to Scotland! Is that better? Everyone on board? SiP goes Scotland That’s right, it’s almost time for the Toy Safari to commence! Better get my ‘To do’ list sorted before the weekend creeps up on me unprepared! My main job: provider of …

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