RLFM 21 And It’s a Wrap

During the next interview on the Stuck in Plastic schedule, we were joined by Signe the RLFM host and Head of Community Growth and Tormod, The Head of AFOL Engagement. Boris has met these wonderful folks before and has a great relationship with them. However, I was a rookie, a newbie to the whole RLFM Days. Shortly afterwards, we wrap up our interviews as we head to Hogwarts and speak to the Harry Potter Design team.

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We all have to drop off the social grid once in a while because other priorities in live kick in. You know, kids, family, alien abductions or even Big Inc. can take priority over shooting plastic and posting the creative result on the social grid for instant gratification or deep conversations with our digital network of friends. We all have these periods, and I am no different when I went AWOL for a good three weeks here on the blog (my last post is already pushed back to the second page, still worth a read if you did not grab your own free copy of NIK yet). Continue reading “AWOL”

You do what?

You do what?

Actually, what is it I do?

I’ve been asked why I do what I do by Stuck In Plastic before. I’ve been asked how I do what I do before on Instagram. I’ve been asked who are my favourite figures. I’ve even been asked when is my favourite time to do it. But recently I was asked what I do, and the question threw me. Continue reading “You do what?”


I know I have mentioned this several times, but inspiration sometimes comes from the weirdest places. Recently I watched the movie “Frank” which tells the story of one aspiring band who is fronted by a man who never removes his papier-mâché head. Just the place to find treasures like:

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Feature Friday XIII

It is not often that Feature Friday XIII happens the day before Valentine (*)

When I woke up this morning I was planning to select one of our many gifted IG friends like @pulup, @dean80s or @hendrickej to just name a few and take a deep dive into their style and influences I see across the toy photography landscape, but getting greeted by some scary Friday XIII pictures over my awesome morning latte together with the posts of Shelly and Pinar this week on topics like AFOL, PFOL and TPOL (sic. Toy Photografers of LEGO) made me look with different eyes to today’s Feature Friday XIII.

Todays Feature Friday XIII goes to the awesome and incredible Yeti™, a most wonderful creature that triggers our imagination and is only licensed to the boundaries of our Imagination™.

This Feature Friday XIII is to all you awesome toy photographers who take your snow chicken and plastic places and explore the boundaries of your creativity …

Have a Fantastic Friday XIII.


(*) I am pretty sure someone can quickly calculate (or google research it) the times it will happen in the coming hundred years. Let us know in the comments below.

(**) Wanna show up in our Snow Chicken feed above (which is dynamic) just go ahead an take an awesome picture of your Yeti™ and tag it to #stuckinplastic and #legoyeti

(***) Wanna show up in our next Feature Friday, just do something awesome and tag it to our #stuckinplastic feed on IG …

Grateful to Big Inc.

I won’t deny it has been a heady week and its time to come crashing back down to earth. But before I get mired down in the day to day of my life I want to take a moment to tell you all how grateful I am for the last week.

The week started with one of those days of a life time on my family road trip, many birthday wishes from my IG family and ended with another fun BrickCon with my photo buddies…it’s been an amazing week by any measure.

Nestled in this already awesome week was lunch with Julie Broburg a Lego representative from the Mothership. Julie’s job (as I understand it) is to act as a liaison to the AFOL community in all it’s forms, including us legographers. I find it amazing that there is a corporation out there that is interested in what their fans are doing and are willing to support, nurture and learn from that community. I know I can be very wary of Big Inc., but it is hard to disparage a company that values it’s fans as much as Lego does.

So thank you Julie for all you do for all the AFOL’s out there. If you get a chance to meet Julie in her travels make sure you go up and say: “Hi” and be sure to introduce yourself as a legographer.

Now I have one more thing to be grateful for: I am grateful to be photographing a great product and being a part of the Lego family in my own small way.

~ xxsjc

Fairy Godmother Julie

ps. I am pretty sure +Me2 had other ideas planned for todays post, but since he got caught up at his own Big Inc, you got me instead. We will pick up with our “Why” series later this week. Cheers!

For the pure joy of the photograph.

Sometimes I want to just pull a Vivian Maier and take a million photographs and never do anything with them. Just take the photos, nothing more. There is nothing so satisfying or glorious as the physical act of taking a photo.

For me the processing, editing and printing is a one long down hill slide.

My husband is always telling me I take too many photos. Or maybe I just post too many? He says I am too prolific and so will never be able to sell my work because there is no scarcity. Maybe this is true? I don’t really know.

But I do know that taking them is were all the fun is, everything else after that is just work.

I think Vivian Maier was on to something.
While I continue to mull this over, I have some pictures I want to post to the internet.

When was the last time you actually enjoyed taking a photograph?
How much effort do you put into promoting your work?

If you have not checked out the story of Vivian Maier I urge you to do so. It is an amazing story of a nanny living in Chicago around 1950 who shot 1,000’s of photographs and never developed them. They were essentially discovered by accident in 2007 after she died.