Feature Friday XIII

It is not often that Feature Friday XIII happens the day before Valentine (*)

When I woke up this morning I was planning to select one of our many gifted IG friends like @pulup, @dean80s or @hendrickej to just name a few and take a deep dive into their style and influences I see across the toy photography landscape, but getting greeted by some scary Friday XIII pictures over my awesome morning latte together with the posts of Shelly and Pinar this week on topics like AFOL, PFOL and TPOL (sic. Toy Photografers of LEGO) made me look with different eyes to today’s Feature Friday XIII.

Todays Feature Friday XIII goes to the awesome and incredible Yeti™, a most wonderful creature that triggers our imagination and is only licensed to the boundaries of our Imagination™.

This Feature Friday XIII is to all you awesome toy photographers who take your snow chicken and plastic places and explore the boundaries of your creativity …

[instagram-feed type=hashtag hashtag=”#legoyeti” imageres=full showcaption=false]

Have a Fantastic Friday XIII.


(*) I am pretty sure someone can quickly calculate (or google research it) the times it will happen in the coming hundred years. Let us know in the comments below.

(**) Wanna show up in our Snow Chicken feed above (which is dynamic) just go ahead an take an awesome picture of your Yeti™ and tag it to #stuckinplastic and #legoyeti

(***) Wanna show up in our next Feature Friday, just do something awesome and tag it to our #stuckinplastic feed on IG …

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