The Art of Procrastination

This one is by request from Shelly.

The other day I was making final decisions on how my photographs would be displayed at the Seattle exhibition. The method of printing and mounting needed to be locked down and committing to it was surprisingly difficult. To push back the final word I circled around and about it by doing something else: I shot a new photograph, this one:

The Master of First Impressions

Yeah, procrastination, it’s not always the best way to go but you know, for me it’s often the most creative state. I’ve shot several photographs under pressure or generally avoiding things I should’ve actually been doing. Like the examples below.

This was shot in the middle of house repairs gone wrong and being extremely busy and stressed out with that and work. Sadly, I have lost the original files, the image here is the biggest I have left. How fitting:

Samwise the Brave

These “black series” scale model photographs came from being immersed in projects and the inability to concentrate on much, the simple idea was to be able to shoot something nice but without the need for setups or rigging that would need time to execute. Quick breathers from what I was actually supposed to do:

The TIE Fighter.

Some of the re-edits in my photo stream came from moments of laziness to digging out the camera. Sitting by the computer and flipping through the stuff already there, while not being able to concentrate on anything productive, can paradoxically end up with nice upgrades to old material.

While preparing to write this post, I procrastinated even further. I shot this closeup, another in a series of Lego mugshots, before actually sitting down and starting to write.

Tusken Raider Portrait. Or “Spike”, as I like to call that guy. Punk.

Then, as I didn’t like my text, I turned around, took the nearest Lego model out of the box and shot this:

Police Spinner from Blade Runner. A very nice model designed by Kaitimar, built with instructions from his website.

The photographs for the exhibition? Yes, those.. Well, I decided.

Then, I wrote this.

Ps. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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