Getting to finally meet you…

More than six years …

I have been on Instagram for more than 6 years, though I posted my first ever Lego photo early 2012. Ever since I have followed a lot of great toy photographers. After being a part of a community for so long, and looking at their photos every day, you start recognizing some photographers from their photos without even looking at their names.
I am certain that many of you feel the same way for some of us out there.
It’s not only the figures or the backgrounds etc. that make us recognizable. We all have a unique style that makes us different from each other.

Knowing you

Yet, despite “knowing” many of you, I don’t really know any of you.
I have never met a toy photographer from another country in person.
So, this toy safari will be a good opportunity for me to finally meet some of the people, whose photos I have liked and posted comments for so long.
Finally, I can put a face on some of the nicknames I know.

Meeting Toy Photographers

The first time some of the folks behind Brickcentral had a toy safari (I think it was a small gathering in Seattle rather than a safari), I really envied it.
And I still do every time fellow toy photographers gather in the US or Australia.
Having said that, I couldn’t attend the recent gatherings in Europe.
I know London pretty well, though I was unfortunate to miss the Hamburg trip, where I have never been before.
I have never been to Edinburgh, other than a half-day business trip on a freezing February a few years ago.
So this will be a good opportunity to visit such a beautiful city and have the opportunity to photograph it, with and without Lego.

Old and New Perspectives

Here in Istanbul, I go on toy-photo walks mostly by myself on a rather regular basis on weekends, walking around my extended neighborhood with some Lego minifigures. I also like to meet with some photographer friends (both toy and non-toy) once every few weeks. In addition to socializing, these meet-ups are good for learning new stuff from fellow photographers.

And that’s another reason I will be coming to this trip: you can always learn new techniques and perspectives from others.

See you in Edinburgh


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6 years ago

I see a lot of myself in your story. From the first time I heard about toy safaris, it has become one of goal to attend one. It was so worth it last year in Hamburg that now I don’t have the patience to wait for the next one.

It will be a pleasure meeting you!

6 years ago

So glad you get to make it to this one!

See you in less than 2 weeks! :D

6 years ago

I can’t wait to meet you . I totally agree with you when you say that you can recognize people by their pictures and I can’t wait to meet and know the guy behind Pulup ;-)
See you soon

6 years ago

Moving from digital life to real life is most always an interesting, very well worthy step. Absolutely looking forward to meeting you in Edinburgh, Burak! See you soon.
(and yes, too bad you missed out on Hamburg…)

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