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The Anton Saga

We are having a little Anton craziness here on the blog. As you know we are giving away three (yes, three) LEGO Old Fishing Store boxes as part of our creative contest (cc).
And all of you can participate in this fun photo challenge.
You can make your own Anton.
You can pick up Anton in the LEGO store. This set is so awesome and packed with toy photographers little objects you will reuse time after time, that ending up with an extra set through this contest is worth it.
Or, you can get a real Anton from us.
Yes, we got our hands on a full box of Anton’s ready to be shipped around the globe and discover your place in this photo adventure. Special thanks to the great folks at LEGO.

We already selected the first five locations where Anton is traveling to. Congratulations, Ann, Bennett, Joseph, David, and Lizzi.
You were the first to offer Anton a trip around your place.
And all the SiP Goes Scotland folks will get their own Anton to explore the highlands in less as two weeks. BTW, you can still join our Scotland trip if you want. 

Get your Own Anton

And so here we are.
We still have 10 Antons waiting to see the world through your eyes.

But these last come with a challenge.
You will need to tell us in the comments below “why” Anton should come your way.
Make the pitch.
Sell your story.
Convince us.
And do include in the URL field of the comment or in the post a link to some of your photographic work. Anton likes to be seen from his best side when traveling to new places. 

Inner Monologue

When I got my hands on Anton, I could not resist in making it mine.
I will be traveling with Anton to a few special locations during September, so I needed to get his inner monologue right.
Who is this Anton?  For me, as a toy photographer. A creative director looking through my viewfinder. Telling my stories.
What does he mean in my pictures?
Is he chasing the cat away, as the box art may suggest or is Rebeca (the cat) actually his best friend?
What about all these amazing lobsters in the set.
They also must be part of the adventure, so I gave the main lobster a name.
A special name. A lobster with attitude.
A wink to one of our Scotland travelers who will unfortunately not be able to make it. So at least she is in plastic with us.
And if you ever traveled the Stockholm Archipelago you know our Seagulls are special. And so is Ralph.

My little character board


This is my little character storyboard on how I will be using Anton this month and beyond, including some signature features I will be special attention to.
Like, Anton wears his hat halfway turned back.
And he likes Johny, the bottle.

So, that is my Anton.

Tell us why you want Anton.
Tell us what he will mean to you.
Give us a glimpse into your Anton and which places you will show him.
And we sent him your way.


PS. The Fine Footprint.

By participating in our little get your own Anton, you agree to participate in our #WhereIsAnton creative competition and share your adventures on your social channels and tag them with the right tags. So, when we sent Anton your way, we do expect some creative fun back :)

Taking plastic places.
Exploring my inner child and following Me2’s wanderlust into untold stories for generations to come.
100% Stuck In Plastic.

46 Replies to “Your Anton”

  1. I created Anton using my minifigures, but I do not have enough fishing accessories, so the image of this man turned out not complete …
    I live in Karelia. There are many lakes and rivers. Many people are engaged in fishing. My house is located near Onego Lake. This is the second largest lake in Europe! I think Anton would be happy to look at the lake from the window of my house, walk along the shore, watch the sunrises and white nights (in the future because now the nights are already dark) by the lake. And of course he would love fishing here. I think this is one of the best places for fishermen!

    1. Hi Kostja, Anton here is jumping up and down to visit the far away lands of Karelia. He heard the lake of Onega is full of fish and would love to explore it together with you.

      He does not speak Karelian though, but he is sure that will not be a problem.

      Do you have some pictures you have taken before, like IG, Flickr, … you could share with us and Anton?

  2. I am gutted not to be able to get to Scotland. Would love to have anton visit me in the countryside to show him that life is not all fishing and the sea, though there may be fishing of some sort tonne had. Would love for him to meet some of my favourite minifigs and go exploring.
    From @legobecky

  3. Hi, I live in Istanbul and I would love to show Anton our amazing city. If he is interested in history I can show him some amazing landmarks like Agia Sofia. If he doesn’t like history we can go fishing with him in the Bosphorus. Istanbul is literally the best place for fishing. The city has shores to 2 different seas , the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea and of course the Bosphorus which separates Europe from Asia. So please come and visit our beautiful city Mr Anton.
    Sincerely Derin

    *You can contact me via my e-mail adress:

  4. I live in Tricity – Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Anton sounds a little bit Slavonic, so maybe he’s my far relative. Tricity lies by the Baltic Sea, so Anton would have many clients here. South of the Tricity lie many postglacial lakes of Cassubia area, known as Polish Switzerland. So in Gdańsk Anton would sell his stuff, in Sopot he would rest after work, cause this city is known for its recreational and spa character. In Gdynia Anton would look at the sea from the beautiful cliffs, contemplating the beauty and vastness of the sea. Altough the Baltic Sea isn’t so deep. He would also chat with frisky, joyful seagulls.

    1. Woohaa!

      Three cities for the price of on. Anton is jumping up and down to see Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia. Hanging out with you in Tricity and chatting to joyfull seagulls. He is excited and he tells me I have to mail you now to get your address :)

  5. Hi there,

    Since I work in the center of Rotterdam, next to the Maas river and just beside the Cruise terminal and Erasmus bridge, I think Anton can have lots of fun.
    Around the corner, there is a small harbour where Anton can dock his little boat and fish as much as he wants…
    Every week one or two cruise ships visit the terminal, so Anton can daydream about sailing the seas…
    if Anton decides to come living with me and my family, I will try to make it possible he can visit the fishing store… Unfortunately I will have to get a loan and building permit from my wife first …
    Until then, I have a appartement for him above the Bike shop in my LEGO town, and he can make some extra money in the local LEGO Starbucks store…

    So Anton, what do you think about a nice stay at Rotterdam?

    1. Richard, Anton is wondering if you have some pictures to share with him. Maybe some images from your LEGO town ? If you can give a link to any of your social feeds that would be great (we should have included it in the original post, updated now).
      Rotterdam sounds very interesting.
      Feels a little bit like home for Anton, and he for sure would like to taste some local “maatjesharing”.

    2. Hi Boris,

      I already have instructed Dave, the other fisher in my small town, to catch some Haring, just to be sure.
      He was also very pleased to hear that he might get a new friend, with whom he could go fishing. Since my small Lego town is still very much under construction, he has told me and my construction crew to start drawing a nice small harbor at the outskirts of the town. With the rumors of a fishing store coming to town, this could be the new hotspot in town.
      Luckily I already have plenty construction workers, but on the other hand, if Anton doesn’t have two left hands, he is always welcome to help a hand.

      For the images of my town:

      A close up of the Starbucks, with Dave already eagerly awaiting Anton. And I also talked to the coffee shop manager. He can offer Anton two jobs, either in the shop itself, or even better, driving the supply van (I heard that during breaks, he would be allowed to stop for a short fishing session).

      Another photo of it, with Dave also on it.

      The Lego bike cafe, with the appartement above it, which could be Anton’s new home. The gang on the roof terrace can’t wait to meet him.

      And with the Cinema, Assembly Square, Pet Shop, Detective office, Parisian Restaurant, the Bank and Fire Department ready to be build, my town will have plenty job offerings for Anton, if he doesn’t like bikes or coffee…

      Finally my town members also have a catamaran, which can be loaned to Anton, for short trips at the North Sea.

      So we are very keen to hear if Anton is interested to join Dave and the others.

  6. OMG! Thank you sooooo much! I can’t wait to take Anton all over the place to my different ponds and streams! So what do I need to do so you can send him to me?

  7. I’m inviting Anton to see the beauty of Brno, Czech republic, then quick visit to Cambridge, UK and then Crete, Greece. I’m sure he would love it. I have a dog, so maybe he would make friends with her (or not… but she would definitely love to play with his cat!). And for me he would be a new motivation and inspiration to take some toy photos :) Contests help me to create :) You can find me on g+ or @nutelasabe on instagram :)

    1. Hi Jana, Anton would love to travel the seven seas and see three countries with you. He will be bringing his cat along, so he hopes they will become good friends and have some fun. Email on its way.

  8. I live in Central Florida and am, well, central to both the gulf of mexico and the Atlantic ocean. So there are plenty of different kinds of fish that I would love to show Anton. If Anton gets tired of braving the high seas, then he can always fish in the alligator infested lakes that are plentiful around here. Lake Jesup has close to 2,000 gators, but that won’t stop Anton. Maybe Rebecca… You can’t fish forever now can ya? So when Anton needs to take a break, he can hop in the car with me and have great time at Walt Disney World which only is just down the road. In summary, I am offering Anton all of the fish in two different seas and alligator infested waters he could ever want as well as boat rides with creepy animatronics dolls and pirates.

  9. Anton would love to visit Devon in the U.K. We have beaches, fishing ports, rolling hills, cathedrals, old buildings, and plenty of wildlife. I’m sure there is no end to places he could visit and explor on his adventure. He might even bump into fellow fishermen that he has met along the way on previous adventures. It might even feel like he’s come home?

  10. Hi SIP,

    I’m currently holidaying in Ibiza and have brought with me many suitably attired minifigures for the glorious weather on this beautiful island I’ve had great fun creating some scenes to post on my Minifignick Instagram account.

    Sadly in a few days time my holiday will be over and I’ll be returning to the dark damp UK, but I’m sure my spirits would be lifted if I had a Anton to take with me on some photographic adventures in Cornwall were I live. Cornwall has a strong fishing heritage and with its rugged coastline and lighthouses it would make a great location for Anton.

  11. Woohaaa. Anton is overwhelmed and will come back tomorrow with some of his destinations he really wants to visit …

    Stay tuned, or seduce Anton even more and add your destination to the list. Anton loves to visit big cities with water …

    1. Well Anton,

      If you were not already convinced, I think this view of the Veerhaven in Rotterdam will do the trick.
      This is just around the corner at work, so a visit to one of the most beautiful small harbours in Rotterdam is no problem…

      And for the view at night…

      So we hope to welcome Anton shortly…

  12. I’ve been in the photography field for a many years however I am fairly new to Toy Photography. I’ve discovered it as a bit of a creative outlet to help with a hard time I’m going through. I have been loving it and also loving the community of Toy Photographers that I’ve found on Instagram including many Lego Photographers that I’ve been learning lots from. Since I am newer to this hobby My collection of lego and minifigures is still quite small so I don’t have much lego to try to build my own Anton yet but I’ve loved the photos I’ve seen of him going around amongst the community on IG. I personally would love to get involved in this fun project and would love to take Anton out around my community. It would be something fun to distract me and get me out of the house and adventure in my own city. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada which is a popular coastal city surrounded by the ocean, rivers, lakes and streams and mountains. I think Anton would have so much fun adventuring around my city and I would love to be the one to take him on that adventure. I think Anton could also really help me and so give him more of a purpose on his adventures. Please consider sending him my way! Thank you!

    Here is the link to my IG account:

      1. That’s A-mazing! Thank you so much! I’m so excited to show Anton around and introduce him to Stitch! We’re going to have a great time! Looking forward to meeting Anton in person! I have sent my shipping info to you already. Thank you again!

  13. Hi
    I would love Anton to come and visit Nottinghamshire in the UK. Whilst it may not be the most glamorous of places compared to some of the places already mentioned, it is my home.

    Nottinghamshire is famous for Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. It my not be by the sea, there are many rivers and canals where Anton can come and fish. Most weekends I am walking on the canal paths taking pictures. You often catch glimpses of herons and if you’re lucky, even a kingfisher. At Autumn is approaching, Anton will see nature prepare for winter. He will have to wrap up as it is starting to get cold.

    So come and join my adventure as I walk the canal paths along with my baby daughter. She is only 1 but I am getting her ready to love Lego like I do. I am sure Anton would love to join our travels and photographing Lego.

    I will be posting pictures of my own Anton too!

    Here’s the link to my work on Instagram

  14. Hey Anton! Why don’t you come join us in Antalya, Turkey, with a beautiful sea as far as the eye can see (!)
    It’s full of great fish and if you’re lucky, you can even get a glimpse of a mermaid or two!
    And a friend close to you who’s loved by many! (he even speaks German, if you don’t know English or Turkish ;) )
    Who knows, maybe you’ll even find true love like this old pirate:

    Hoping to see you around!

  15. Woohaaa! Anton could just not make up his mind, and decided he wants to visit you all as long as you promise to take him places and share all the fun on your accounts.

    That said, the entries are closed and we work out the details with all you great folks who offered Anton a place to stay before this post. Keep an eye on your mailbox to get the shipping ports sorted.

    The SiP Shipping Crew

    1. Hi, did I miss out on the competition? I wrote an entry to invite Anton to explore the fishing spots around Sydney harbour and Manly Wharf near the ferry. But I can’t see my comment. I included the link to my Instagram @the_adventures_of_little_amy I would love to take Anton around all of the beautiful fishing spots in Sydney and show the locals his old fishing store. Hoping my entry wasn’t too late.

      1. Hi Amy, no, not at all. The Win Your Own LEGO Old Fishing Store runs until September 24th, so you have still time to add more images to the story. This thread was not really a competition, but more an ask for toy photographers around the world if they were interested in getting Anton for a visit. We “only” had a limited set of Antons to ship away, and they all have left port.

        But you can continue to take part in the adventures with your own Anton :)

  16. I do believe Anton would love to explore Sydney, Australia. If I won The Old Fishing Store, I would first take Anton and his old fishing store on the Many ferry. The views of the harbour, would make a beautiful backdrop for Anton fishing on Manly Wharf. His store would fit in perfectly alongside the aquarium and ferries. I’ve tagged #WhereIsAnton on some of my Instagram photos that I shot at that location. @the_adventures_of_little_amy I would also take Anton fishing in Sydney harbour with the famous opera house and harbour bridge in the background. There is also a popular spot to fish on the rocks at Coogee beach. Anton would love to go fishing there and I’m sure the locals would love to see Anton’s fishing store too. Of course, I would provide Anton with a bicycle to travel around and carry his fishing rod and tackle. I would love for Anton to browse through my instagram photos to see the locations I would show him. I would also teach Anton some Aussie ways of cooking seafood. Best of luck to everyone who enters this competition. Thank you Stuck In Plastic and LEGO for running this awesome competition.

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