It is a wrap

SIP goes Hamburg 2016 is a wrap. A most beautiful weekend in the sunny city of Hamburg, Germany is coming to an end with most guests on their way back to their home cities like London, Stockholm, Malmö, Berlin, Smålandstenar (just south of Bree), Karlsruhe, Charleroi (also known as Brussels South) and Paris (the one with the Eiffel Tower).

A most beautiful weekend packed with historical landmarks, beautiful sunrises (yes, plural), plastic toys and thousands of raw footage shot on Nikon, Canon, Smartphones and a historical Nokia alike.

Saturday morning, 7 am. Das Auto is getting some attention from David, Sven and Lizzi
Saturday morning, 7 am. Das Auto is getting some attention from David, Sven and Lizzi

A weekend packed with old and new friends alike. A weekend filled with memories to be remembered and raw materials to be processed in the coming weeks and months to come.

Toy Photographers in action on the steps of Hamburg
Toy Photographers in action on the steps of Hamburg

We will be doing a much more detailed write up in the coming days of some of the special moments we had, and will be sharing some guest posts from the #sipgoeshamburg2016 members, but for now it is a wrap.

Thank you Leo, Lizzi, Stacy, David, Julien & Julien, Sten, Stefan K, Susanne, Miriam, Wiveka, Sven,  Michael, Carolina and Maëlick to join us in Hamburg. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Another groupie attempt
Another groupie attempt

And then there was our fearless guide. Our host of the weekend. The Fabutastic Stefan himself. Thanks for inviting us all in your beautiful city and showing us your favorite places. Thank You !

Here are some of the epic goodness shared on IG this weekend ….

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Stacy Phillips
7 years ago

Some of us are still partying on…I mean, still taking toy photographs of course!!! :)

Leo Czekay
Leo Czekay
7 years ago

Well said and great Behind The Scenes Shots! Can’t say it enough, Thanks for the Amazing Day :D

Stefan (@herrsm)
7 years ago

What an honour to have such creative, passionate and happy guest! Thank you for a perfect summary of a most fabutastic weekend! Sweet dreams and some well deserved sleep to all attendees…

7 years ago

It was and still continues, here in Hamburg, to be a really great moment. Thank you all for being so passionate and special thanks to our host.

7 years ago

It looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all. I won’t lie, I’m a little jealous I live so far away.

7 years ago

Many thanks to all of you!

7 years ago

I had an awesome time! It felt so easy to talk and interact with everyone of you and I am usally quite shy in the beginning when meeting new people. But this weekend was so relaxed and filled with comradeship and joy ( I mean serious, no fun at all..right Stefan ). Thank you all for a great time, I am still smiling

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