SiP goes Seoul

SiP is going back to the land of BTS, Blackpink, and Squid Game.
Another sequel to SiP goes Korea.

In 2018, we exhibited our photography in an art gallery in Daejeon, South Korea, after Suné sent us a mysterious invitation. This time, Justin invited us to hold a pop-up toy photography exhibition in a café/gallery, in the heart, or should we say soul, of Korea.

And of course, we said yes. Again.
So here we go again.

Two dozen prints from a total of 11 toy photographers are currently on display at Hype Gallery in Seoul until April 13th.

Two dozen prints carefully selected.
Each image telling its own unique story.
Printed with love on fine art paper.
Wrapped, packed, and shipped off to Seoul.

This time, Maëlick is joining the fun in Seoul.
And just like last time, some of us will join for the grand opening using the magic of the Internet.
You are, as always, invited!

Follow the fun on Instagram.

Oh, and we have a special playlist – a track selected for each image in the exhibition. Check it out on Spotify or YouTube.

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