And the winner is ….

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are behind (most of) us.
Preparation for the next big event we will be participating in is well underway.
Life outside plastic is keeping some of us busier then we would like it to be. And amidst all of that and some more, we are running a little creative contest.
A challenge to explore one of our less known LEGO figurines.
Not the Voltron.
And not the classic space cowboy.
Or the Harry Potter series.
The one and only Brickheadz.

Noonie. A challenging toy photography challenge?

It is contest time.

We ran a smaller creative contest to get your best BrickHeadz shots over the summer and we must say we were a little bit underwhelmed with the engagement.
The participation.
Only 34 posts tagged to #SiPgoesBrickheadz and if we count the awesome individual contributors we end up with a whopping sweet nineteen.
Did the Brickheadz not connect?
Maybe you all enjoyed the summer too much?
Or we did not make enough publicity?
We don’t know, but we have to admit that we thought we would get some more traction.
Our giveaway treasure chest contains two signed Go Brick Me boxes and another three collector sets, all signed by Marcos himself.
Ready to be safely tucked away for a special occasion or just ripped open to go and play with.

Thank You.

First of all, we want to say Thank You to our sweet nineteen who accepted the challenge and participated, you are awesome!

Second, we want to announce the extension of the deadline for submission. We will close it down in Skærbæk later on this month (another one of our projects) when we all meet for a fantastic weekend of fun and some toy photography.

Third. We are not playing Chicken Little here and we have some prices and nominations to make.

The winner is…

Our absolute number one and the winner of a signed Go Brick Me box is Fabio with his most amazing series retelling the story of Dante.

If you are not following Fabio or did not see his story, please do have a look.
It is awesome although some may argue it is NSFW.

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Paolo e Francesca. Dante and Virgil meet Francesca and her lover Paolo in the second circle of hell, reserved for the lustful. Here, the couple are trapped in an eternal whirlwind, doomed to be forever swept through the air just as they allowed themselves to be swept away by their passions. Dante calls out to the lovers, who are compelled to briefly pause before him, and he speaks with Francesca. She obliquely states a few of the details of her life and her death, and Dante, apparently familiar with her story, correctly identifies her by name. He asks her what led to her and Paolo's damnation, and Francesca's story strikes such a chord within Dante that he faints out of pity. After that I had listened to my Teacher, Naming the dames of eld and cavaliers, Pity prevailed, and I was nigh bewildered. And I began: "O Poet, willingly Speak would I to those two, who go together, And seem upon the wind to be so light." And, he to me: "Thou'lt mark, when they shall be Nearer to us; and then do thou implore them By love which leadeth them, and they will come." #LEGO #divinacommedia #dantealighieri #dante #inferno #BrickHeadz #sipgoesbrickheadz #stuckinplastic

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Fabio, we love your creativity and storytelling!

A stretch goal.

We loved the other submissions all very much, but we believe we can take a stretch goal here and challenge your inner child and outer dimensions, and give you all another 30 odd days to take on this challenge before we announce the final winners. And yes, our early participants have a special place in our creative hearts.

Here are some of the creative inspirations that made us laugh, smile and engage.

We love this retro one, Michael.

Dancing in the rain with Lizzi.

Explore the boundaries …

And there was more. And we hope much more to come, as the BrickHeadz deserve your creative storytelling.

Go BrickHeadz and tag your entry to #SiPgoesBrickheadz.

The summer holidays just got extended.

The SiP Crew

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