NDA and Voltron


Earlier this year, we went to visit TLG for the RLFM 2018 days in Billund, and in line with good old traditions, we got the chance to meet up with some of the LEGO Designers and Product Groups.

The LEGO Ideas Team

High on our list, every year is the LEGO Ideas team, as they always impress us with fantastic sets and great new builds by the LEGO community. You all remember the NASA Saturn Rocket, Women of NASA, The Tron Legacy and of course the amazing Anton and the Old Fishing Store.

Paperwork to sign …

This year, our meet and greet with The LEGO Ideas team went in a slightly different direction and we were asked to sign an NDA and put all our cameras and phones away.

We happily signed, and so there is not more to tell.
Or say.
Or share.
Corporate NDA can do that to a creative soul. Ouch.


On a completely different side note, we got a press release from TLG hand delivered by a pigeon with some nice pictures of a new LEGO Ideas Set.


The Voltron – Images by TLG.

The pigeon continued and told us you can build 5 awesome lions turn them into the biggest buildable LEGO mech ever!

Our courier got carried away and started talking about activating interlocks and connecting Dynotherms and Infracells before she boosted up her Megathrusters and left us dazzling.

Sweet memories from the past.
The original 1980’s Voltron TV series. A remake with the Legendary Defender Series, and so many questions one could ask the LEGO Designer.

The questions we never asked.

Is it playable?
Can I touch it?
Did you consider including minifigures?
What was the biggest challenge to take the original fan idea into this set?
Are that sticker or printed tiles?
Any reason?
Your favorite brick in this set?
Did you look at the original series?
What was the key challenge to take this from a fan build to a real LEGO Ideas set?

So many questions one could have asked.
Maybe next year.
Or maybe not.

One Question for You.

Now, here is our question to you.

Would you buy this LEGO idea set for toy photography purposes?
Does Voltron have sweet memories for you?
Will you buy it?
The comments are yours.
Don’t be shy.
We all have to defend the universe.

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5 years ago

I will definitely buy it. Maybe two, one in lion form and one in robot form. This set is great!

5 years ago

Would you buy this LEGO idea set for toy photography purposes?
Yes, but only if I’m certain to have some ennemies to oppose Voltron, comparable on size.

Does Voltron have sweet memories for you?
Yes, like some other anime heroes from the 80’s.

Will you buy it?
I don’t know, as it’s quite expensive, and not a priority set.

5 years ago

I’m still facing a big internal struggle with this set. I never heard about Voltron before LEGO chose it from the Ideas pool, but as a kid from 90’s having watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it still has a strong nostalgic power on me.

Maybe I should watch a couple of episodes on Netflix to see if that helps me making a buy or not buy decision :D

5 years ago

I may or may not remember a situation as described above. Either way I’m still not sure whether or not I’m allowed to talk about what happened during those secret minutes (and I can’t look it up because I didn’t receive a copy of the papers for myself but that’s another story…). Let’s rather think about the new Vultron set. Hm. Never heard of Vultron before. Or the TV series. Or the five lions. So will I buy it? Guessing so as I got the impression (maybe I dreamt about it, maybe I had a vision) that this will be… Read more »

5 years ago

I kept thinking that I remember the Megazord differently, but I thought that it was my memory that was wrong. Then I found out that Voltron is from different universe :D I was not wrong about Megazord :D Also, how come I even remember the name Megazord? :D To respond to questions – I don’t think I’ll buy this. Too expensive and so far not too interesting for me.

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