SiP goes BrickHeadz – The Creative Contest

We love Brickheadz

We really do.
We saw them first at the RLFM 2017 days.
We talked about them at length in the first post called SiP goes BrickHeadz.
We love the Go Brick Me set.
And we met with Marcos again on the RLFM 2018 days.

Marcos and our star reporter
Our star reporter in that little room outside the elevator of the LEGO Idea House. A special room where we find Marcos and his Brickheadz collection back again.

We talked about the Brickheadz.
The awesome Go Brick Me set.
The baseplate that looks like a Brickheadz.
And the eyes.
We discussed the specific way of the eyes at length.

Did you ever notice the baseplate looks a BrickHeadz

We talked about the printed tiles.
A signature feature of the Brickheadz.
And we talked about the specific series.
The collectability.
And how the Brickheadz can easily become a new “sigfig”
A different dimension.
A different angle beyond the classic LEGO minifigure that is celebrating its iconic 40th birthday this year.

The basic to start your own sigfig. The BrickHeadz Go Brick Me set and the baby version.

And so a new creative challenge was born.
A challenge that will have you look different at the world.
A new dimension beyond the 4 cm tall length of our classic minifigures.

Marcos signed us two full Go Brick Me sets and 3 exclusive collectible sets, and we are going to give them away to not one, not two, but 5 lucky winners of our #SiPgoesBrickheadz creative challenge.

The Creative Challenge.

Easy. Very easy.
Take a creative picture of your Brickheadz in action and share it with us on IG, Flickr, Facebook, G+, 500px, and tag it with our exclusive #SiPgoesBrickheadz and #StuckInPlastic to make it to our creative selection pool.

We know that a Brickheadz is slightly bigger than a minifigure, but we are sure it can find a spot in your summer holiday backpack.

Some Inspiration.

We shared already some creative “selfies” in our SiP goes Brickheadz post in April, but we happily repost some of them and share some of the fun we had in Paris and in Billund.

Taking a groupie. Do you recognize all the creative toy photographers in the groupie?
A selfie in front of the Louvre during #SiPgoesParis2018
A wild Raptor in the Parisian grass.
Julien's SigHeadz fishing in Paris
Julien’s SigHeadz fishing in Paris


The Rules

Fairplay. Only your own creative work.
Fun. This is all about having fun. Invite others to join in the fun. We will give special attention and bonus points to those of you who share the fun.
Creative. Creative pictures. With Quality. And eye for detail. Steal like an artist, and be inspired by what other posts.
Story points. We will be giving extra points for good stories. Think about the storyline.
The Summer. The challenge starts today and runs to the end of August.
As many pictures as you want.  As long as they are your own.

The Smallprint

The Jury. SiP jury decisions are as always final.
The Prices. 5 Brickheadz signed boxes by the LEGO designer, Marcos.
SiP reserves the right to not give all 5 boxes away if there would not be enough creative entries (but we really doubt that).
SiP reserves the right to use some of the sets in a mid-term finalist feature. So don’t wait until the last moment.

TLG provided us with some of the giveaways for this creative contest, but besides that, all the mischief is our own.



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