Happy Birthday

It is not every day we can wish a special friend a Happy Four Dot Zero Birthday. But today we have a winner and close friend amongst us.

The original birth certificate

Today is the day (29th of August 1977) that the very first “birth” certificate of the LEGO minifigure was handed over to The LEGO Group in Billund. It still took a good year before the first Minifigure set his first steps in the real world and unleashed a world of imagination on us.

40 years of memories, and just the beginning …

Enjoy some of the highlights in the last 40 years …


We just want to wish the LEGO minifigure and all the great folks in TLG an awesome birthday party and say thank you for being our inspiration over the last 40 years.

Looking forward to the next 40.

Happy Birthday

The SiP Crew

Stuck In Plastic.

The creative collective of toy photographers.

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