Exploring the Inner Child in Paris

I’ve talked a few days ago about the Inner Child and how it became my goal after our toy safari in Paris. It’s already been more than two months but… In this blog post, I wanted to share a few moments of that weekend that were all about exploring our Inner Child in Paris.

Winter’s over…

Since winter has been over, it’s been really challenging for me to take pictures. My second winter in the North made me realize how much I love winter’s colors and light, and how inspiring they are when combined with toys.

I went to Paris without much intent of taking pictures. My only goal was to meet old friends, make new ones, and have fun. Simply spend some precious time with like-minded people who enjoy toys and photography as much as I do.

Exploring my Inner Child in Paris.

Exploring our Inner Child in Paris

It’s been over two months that our epic weekend is over, but it still feels like it was yesterday… So here are a few of the moments from Paris that stood out when it came to exploring our inner child. Some ended up with satisfying photos, some didn’t. The resulting photos are not what matters to me, but the journey and discoveries made there.

Thursday evening, having dinner on the floor while gathering toys around.
Friday evening going out for a bit of night photography with Karine (@eatmybones), Lizzi (@stepping_on_bricks), Betinna (@lolitabrick) and Julien.
Saturday morning creating a football/soccer game with some of the most unlikely minifigs (despite many us not knowing how many players make a football team).
At noon renting small wooden boats so our minifigs can sail on a fountain.
And at night, going out again with Julien, Boris, and Stefan for some more night photography along the Seine. (And a couple more beers and late night talks.)
Sunday afternoon and evening, hanging out in La Défense with those who hadn’t left yet. Going to a giant Toys R Us for window shopping and ending the evening at Julien’s LEGO Temple.
And finally Disneyland on Monday with Julien, Betinna, Lizzi, and Jana (@nutelasabe). The perfect way to end a weekend about exploring our inner child, like a cherry on top of a cake.
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5 years ago

Excellent photography, looks amazing..

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