SiP went Paris 2018

After several toy Safaris around Europe, in Stockholm, Hamburg, London or Edinburgh, it was time to visit Paris.
It was the second time for us to be in the City of lights, after an exhibition at Le6Brick earlier this year.

#SiPgoesParis2018 – Picture by @Ballou34

The edition of SiPgoesParis 2018 was awesome.
Everyone seems to have enjoyed this event:

20 people from 7 countries (Czech Republic, England, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Turkey and France),
around 50 km of walk during 3 full days,
hundreds of LEGO minifigures,
thousands of pictures taken,
and very little sleep…

But let me share with you a “10-minute” taste of what happened between June 15th and 17th.
Just follow the guide!

Follow the guide
Follow the guide – Picture by @Nutelasabe

The famous monuments

A weekend in Paris means that some stopovers are unavoidable.
We started the weekend at the Eiffel tower. Even though we arrived relatively early to avoid tourists, it was not early enough and we quickly shared the spot with a few wedding photographers.

Starting the day with a view
Starting the day with a view – Picture by @Fubiken
On the floor of the Trocadero
On the floor of the Trocadero – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
In the middle of tourists
Around hordes of tourists – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

After 10 minutes an hour of toy photography, we went up the tower at a height of 280m to get a bird-eye view of the city. What a view!

Groupie at the Eiffel tower
Groupie at the Eiffel tower – Picture by @HerrSM

Of course, we did some toy photography, even at this height.

A skeleton enjoying the view
A skeleton enjoying the view – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Taking a picture at 280m high
Taking a picture at 280 m high – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Don't loose the minifigure
Don’t lose the minifigure – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

Another location we went to was the Louvre and the famous glass pyramid. It was a great spot to take fun pictures, either on the square or in the fountains, or have a rest on the side.

Dinos in front of the Louvre pyramid
Dinos in front of the Louvre pyramid – Picture by @Ballou34
Toy photographers not taking a nap
Toy photographers not taking a nap – Picture by @Nutelasabe
Playing with water
Playing with water – Picture by @Nutelasabe
Toy photographers taking a nap
Toy photographers taking a nap – Picture by @Nutelasabe
Don't loose the minifigure
Having fun while having some rest – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

We also stopped at Notre Dame Cathedral to be at the very center of Paris (the zero kilometer milestone representing the center of Paris is located on the square in front of the cathedral). No hunchback in sight there, but a lot of tourists!

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral – Picture by @Ballou34

Finally, we ended the weekend at the Sacré Cœur basilica, a great place to have a view over Paris.

Playing with toys in front of the Sacre Coeur
Playing with toys in front of the Sacre Coeur – Picture by @Lego__fun

The lesser known locations

Of course, it was great to bring everyone to the places that makes Paris. But I was also glad to share with everyone some locations which were not as touristic.

One of those greatest place was an abandoned train track called “La Petite Ceinture”. Everyone enjoyed this uncommon urban location that I only discovered a couple of weeks ago.

Abandoned rail tracks
Abandoned rail tracks – Picture by @Ballou34
Playing on the tracks
Playing on the tracks – Picture by @Ballou34
Collaboration – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

Paris is full of parks. We traveled to the Jardin du Luxembourg, went to the place des Vosges to finish at le parc des Buttes-Chaumont and Montmartre cemetery . Several locations to escape from the busy streets of the city.

Lunch in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Lunch in the Jardin du Luxembourg – Picture by @Fubiken
Little walk in Montmartre cemetery
Little walk in Montmartre cemetery – Picture by @Fubiken
Taking pictures in the cemetery
Taking pictures in the cemetery – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

We also went to the colonnes de Burren at le Palais Royal, a square that I used in several of my pictures for its black and white colored columns. (Note: my Panda series was all shot in this location)

Taking pictures
Taking pictures – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Playing with a skeleton
Playing with a skeleton – Picture by @Nutelasabe

But one location which really contrasted a lot with downtown Paris was Le Défense, the business district on the outskirt of the city: a place full of skyscrapers, fountains and art pieces. A great location to take pictures and take a nap, too.

In the middle of the skyscrappers
In the middle of the skyscrapers – Picture by @Lego__fun
Taking pictures in the fountain
Taking pictures in the fountain – Picture by @Ballou34
Playing with water
Playing with water – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Thumbs up for this location!
Thumbs up for this location! – Picture by @Ballou34

Night photography

Being in the city of lights, it was a good opportunity to do some night photography. Only a few of us decided to sacrifice their bed time for a short walk in Paris, by night.

A night at the Louvre
A night at the Louvre – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Playing with lights
Playing with lights – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Water, lights and night
Water, lights and night – Picture by @Ballou34
Is this a skeleton?
Is this a skeleton? – Picture by @Ballou34

Having fun

But a safari is not necessarily about the location. It’s about having fun, spending the time with old friends or meeting new ones.

As a tradition, wherever possible, a trip to the LEGO store was mandatory. That’s where we all met on the first evening.

Meeting for the first time
Meeting for the first time – Picture by @Ballou34

It was a perfect moment for some last minute toy shopping and even toy building straight in front of the store.

Building a dino on the floor
Building a dino on the floor – Picture by @Ballou34

Then, after the a “10-minute” walk, we reached our first dinning location.
I rented the small place just for us, and we spent a good time chatting about toys, playing with them around glasses of fine wine, local beers and food.

First evening together
First evening together – Picture by @Ballou34
Toys on the floor
Toys on the floor – Picture by @Ballou34

What a great night it was. Everyone left with a welcome bag including the minifig mascot of the event, some custom badges made by Karine (@Eatmybones) and some polybags provided by TLG

The mascot of the weekend
The mascot of the weekend – Picture by @Ballou34
Welcome bag - Picture by @Fubiken
Welcome bag – Picture by @Fubiken

At la “Petite ceinture”, we initiated a soccer match during which everyone participated by adding toys to the game. We all took a picture of the scene afterwards. A fun collaborative project.

How many players in soccer team?
How many players in this soccer team? – Picture by @Nutelasabe
Collaborative project
Collaborative project – Picture by @Ballou34
The soccer match
The soccer match – Picture by @Reiterlied
Taking pictures
Taking pictures – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Live on Instagram
Live on Instagram – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks
Pictures – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

At le Jardin du Luxembourg, we organized an unexpected boat event. We rented boats and initiated a fierce race between Sweden, Canada and New Zealand. We don’t exactly know who won, but at least every minifig survived the fast cruise in the fountain.

The Swedish boat
The Swedish boat – Picture by @Ballou34
Team New-Zealand
Team New-Zealand – Picture by @Ballou34
The race is on
The race is on – Picture by @HerrSM
O Canada
O Canada – Picture by @Reiterlied

During the weekend, we also proceeded to the traditional print exchange. A way to share with others the gift of your pictures and receiving plenty of prints in exchange.
As you may know, I keep all the prints and put them on the walls in my office at work . It’s a fun way to share our passion, since I have colleagues only visiting me to see the new additions to my wall.

Two years of print exchange
Two years of print exchange – Picture by @Ballou34

The memories

What a weekend!
When you attend a toy photo safari, taking some toy pictures is only a pretext for so much more. You visit nice locations, you leave with some great friendships, and a brain full of memories.

It’s difficult to summarize in a blogpost, even full of pictures, what really happened during that weekend. The pictures, the fun, the laughter, the jokes, the 10-minute walks, the toys, the places, the food, the people.

A box full of toys
A box full of toys – Picture by @Nutelasabe
Another one...
Another one… – Picture by @Nutelasabe
And another one...
And another one… – Picture by @Nutelasabe
Taking a groupie
Taking a groupie – Picture by @Stepping_on_bricks

My only suggestion for you would be to come and join us at our next event. Take the leap of faith, you won’t regret it.

I can’t thank enough all those crazy people who traveled halfway across Europe to spend a weekend in Paris. This toy safari will have a special place in my heart because of you all. Thank you very much. I miss you!

The traditional Sigfig groupie
The traditional Sigfig groupie – Picture by @_Me2_

@_Me2_, @HerrSM, @ Reiterlied, @Eatmybones, @Lolitabrick, @Jedd_ka, @Lego__fun, @Nutelasabe, @Mickebq, @Fubiken, @Pulup, @Stepping_on_bricks, @Shtacyp

Julien / Ballou34

SiP went Paris 2018
SiP went Paris 2018 – Picture by @Ballou34


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6 years ago

What an awesome weekend it was! I have the feeling I say that after each safari, but one week after its end, I can only think about it being the best toy safari ever. Thank you for the amazing organization! (And thanks to everyone for making it so awesome!)

6 years ago

Thank you and everyone for making my first safari so awesome! I keep thinking about it and can’t wait for the next one. Fortunately, Lizzi’s London meet-up will be soon, that should help with my addiction to toy safaris :) I need another dose :D I’m so happy that I got over my nervousness and joined this awesome event. It was totally worth it!

fubiken / Stefan K
6 years ago

Great time, great guide, great photographers but most importent..great people. Reading this post and looking at the images makes me smile!

6 years ago

It’s been said before:
Thank you, Julian, for an excellent scouting, planning and implementation. The bar is really high now but that’s not the point. I’ll always appreciate spending times on toysafaris for all the attendees. Cheers to EVERYONE. And here’s to those safaris to come..
(And if you, yes YOU, have never been to one…what are you waiting for??)

6 years ago

So nice to go through this awesome weekend with all theses pictures!!

One hundred thanks Julien, that was an incredible experience :)

6 years ago

Julien, it was a perfect weekend;. The only regret for us is that we couldn’t be there on Friday; well there’s always next time.. Thank you for the organisation and the local beers.. And, as they say in Casablanca, “We’ll always have Paris” :)

6 years ago

All Photos are Awesome, You Guys Have done a very nice job. My Best wishes to You.

6 years ago

Awesome write up.
Awesome weekend.

And yeah, I can’t wait for the next :)

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