Allons-y! Or how to look forward.

I just came home from the SiPGoesParis toy safari. It has been days of walking, more walking and then some more walking. It turned out that everything in Paris is just ”ten minutes away” according to our fearless guide Ballou34.
But it was so worth it.
Have been shooting stormtroopers in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Taking images of my sigfig atop of the same tower.
Can’t imagine this would happen if I went there by myself.

Everything is awesome.

The first day we met at the LEGO store and then had a meet and greet in a relaxed manner. The next day we went and took toy photos in front of the Eiffel Tower. After that, we walked to the tower ( just a ten-minute walk ) and took the elevator up. Amazing views!

Then we went to the Louvre and took photos at the cour napoleon.
Great place to shoot with the museum and the glass triangles in the background. I had a great time there and got to shoot the MOC of a 2CV made by Jan from Stein Hanse for the #1Toy2Share_Paris.

A well-built car and great to shoot. I took some other images as well and then one in the group needed a power bank so I took out mine that I had in my backpack… Of course, we help each other. Everything was awesome…

Oohh No!

Then I turned around and started to pack my things.
And that was the moment when everything changed.
I had my camera stolen!!

The disbelief, the anger, the pain and the sorrow!
I just fell apart, I could not believe it.
Did not want to believe it.
I felt my legs buckle under me, could not stop crying.

The thing that kept me going was the warm support from the others on the Safari.
They truly became The Fellowship Of The Bricks for me.
Just that someone lay their hand on me and just was beside me, helped so much. I could feel the support without words!
Ballou34 then helped me find a police station and file a report on the theft.
We talked a lot on the way there.
And as I said to Julien, it is not so much the camera but the memory card, the
photos I took, that I will miss.
The camera is materia, the photos are memories.

Old and new friends.

When walking with Julien to the police station I set my mind on turning the rest of the weekend to something positive. I had to, would go under if I didn’t.

I mean, I still got my iPhone and was in Paris with old and new friends.
So I told myself that I would have a good time.
We went to the restaurant and had a superb dinner, the best in a long long time to be honest. The best food in so long and surrounded by friends with big hearts. There were times that I just sat there and looked around at the others in the group and was thinking how lucky I am to have met them!
At the end of the evening, I stood up and told how thankful I was, how their support warmed my heart.
Had to keep the speech short because I could feel the tears coming just as
they do as I am typing this.

For the rest of the weekend, I had a great time!
I helped Stacy make a unicorn image, did a collaboration image with eatmybones, and another collaboration with _me2_.

A smaller collab with Me2 in the graveyard of Montmartre to close down that action packed thieving event.

I had to reshoot all of my #1Toy2Share_Paris images with my iPhone.
Yes, all, in all I had a great time.


And in this adventure is also a lesson.
Look after your gear, be mindful of your surroundings, be grateful of your friends and let them know that.

To all of you at the #SiPGoesParis toy safari, love you guys!!
Stefan K / fubiken

P.S. The last night me and reiterlied found out we lived door to door at the hotel we were all staying at. Just a good 10 minutes walk from the metro.

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6 years ago

this…incident…is every photographers nightmare. Thank you so much for your attitude of not letting it break you. And remember: No brick will be left behind!
Thank you for sharing your view of that weekend.

6 years ago

So sorry that it happened. Your attitude during the rest of the safari was really inspiring! You are very strong and you are definitely not alone! Thank you so much for sharing this.

6 years ago

It was a hard blow for you and for the rest of us, I was so shocked…
I know Paris and I know we need to be careful but this happened so quickly…
But you kept your spirits up and that all at your honor!
I will remember for a long time the fun we had in the cafe, sharing our skeletons and drinking beers :)

6 years ago

That moment at the hotel Sunday evening was sooo epic!

Your blog post made my heart literally melt. And yes we leave no one behind and stick together. Hopefully, we’ll be more vigilant in the future and this won’t ever happen again :-)

6 years ago

So sad to hear, that you lost your camera.
I Can only imagine how you must have felt.
But Great to hear, how helpful the toyphotography community is.

6 years ago

What a nice write-up Stefan.. :)

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