The Last Winner

The Last Jedi

With The Last Jedi in full force in a theatre near you, it is time for us to share the last winners of twenty seventeen in our creative competitions.
Don’t worry, the Force will be with us in twenty eighteen, and a new challenge is just around the corner. But first, we need to take a look at all the awesomeness you threw at us with our latest creative toy photography challenge,  #SiPgoesJedi.

The Council came together and looked at all the pictures, and had a very hard time to decide. So many fun entries and creative toy photography ahead of The Last Jedi. And before we head into the nominees and final winners of twenty seventeen, we want to thank every single one of you for joining in the fun.

The Nominees Are.

Marco did it again. He got the jury hooked with some of his images, and we really liked the angle in this one.  A different view.

The_Aphol – He is Here


But Marco was not alone. We had beautiful images from other great photographers joining our collection like this beautiful image of David Saunders or the funny contributions of leadbricks.

James work took us back to dreaming of a white Christmas and Konstantin reminded us of the men behind the camera.

I didn’t know there was this much snow in the whole galaxy – The Reel James
Stop Motion. A complicated process. Even in LEGO toy photography.

And there was more, much more. Over hundred images of additional awesomeness on Instagram alone. Here is one of the beautiful photos from Chris that made us want to print it big. A0 big. Just like in Birmingham.

“We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy.” – Admiral Ozzel. Photography by Chris Rose

Here is just a random selection of all the other creative ideas that got us busy.

And the Last Winners are …

OK, time to dim the lights, get the popcorn out, and turn the spotlight on the creative winners of this #SiPgoesJedi challenge. Three winners that all get a little exclusive Escape The Slug set in their mailbox.


The Fabutastic images of Terovision always get our attention. And we are happy to see there was some unfinished business left after Tero made a fantastic Fabuland Falcon.

Unfinished Business – Terovision

Congratulations, Tero. The very first mini falcon is on its way to you.


It goes without saying our eye fell earlier on the Rey of Light from Tomek and his photography made it all the way to the finals. Congratulations.
The second falcon is on its way.

Rey of Light


The third and final winner in this series is someone with a special technique. A technique that is known as cinemagraphs and is as old as Harry Potter. But more on that later when we try to catch Robert for an exclusive interview on what interests him in this technique and much more.

The still version of the cinemagraphs you can find on IG.

For now, we want to thank everyone for taking part in this little creative challenge, and TLG for giving us a few intergalactic birds to celebrate the latest Star Wars movie and LEGO toy photography.

And then there was Batman.
But more on that later.

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2 years ago

Congratulations to all the participants. As one of the four votes, I can tell you it was great fun to go through all the entries and discuss them in great depth in our hangout. It was much harder to nail the final three.

Thanks, everyone.
Until next.

2 years ago

Congratulations to everyone. It was very difficult to select the best pictures. It was so much fun to look at your great ideas.

Let’s see what you come up with for the next one :-)

Tomasz Lasek
2 years ago

Thank You Stuckinplastic!

Congratulations Tero and Robert!
Congratulations to all participants!
The Force is strong with You!
I’m starting staring at the sky, watching for this iconic shape of fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

Thank You once again!

2 years ago

Congratulations to all the winners!
And thank you very much stuckinplastic for featuring my photo!

2 years ago

Lovely entries, everyone! I´m exceptionally happy for the appearance of Fabuland characters. Congratulations to the winners and a huge THANK YOU to ALL participants!