Homo Sapiens.

Last months word was Books.
Maëlick took us into the world of photography,  while Julien took us into a completely different world,  or should I say a galaxy, far away.
Now I just came to the conclusion that I actually never shared my book with you. It was a book I read earlier this year.  The book was very much in the back of my mind when I wrote the original post.
No, it is not a book on the history of little plastic people that will overtake the human race by twenty nineteen as predicted by xkcd as seen below and reported by various media outlets in 2013.

No, it is a book written by Yuval Noah Harari, written in 2011, translated into English in 2014, giving us A Brief History of Humankind in a good 444 pages.
A book called Sapiens.

A Brief History of Humankind.

I am not sure on which planet I was when this book made it to the number one position in 2014, but three years later, I did finish it in one go after I bumped into it in Amsterdam Airport earlier this year.  A colleague briefly mentioned it in a discussion before.
A book I really can recommend to read if you have not.
I will not go into details on the book, take a look at Wikipedia summary if you are interested in the details before you buy, or just add it to your Xmas wish list. Or just create your own little package under the Xmas tree.
It won’t disappoint.

The Sequel.

I just got the sequel Homo Deus and I had not one or two, but three friends telling me in the last few weeks that this new book really scared them. It is the book I will read over the Xmas break.

I can’t wait to see what Yuval has laid in wait for us and I am sure it will influence my work in 2018.

So, that is my (twin) book for 2017. Sapiens and its unread twin Homo Deus.


I don’t have one image to accompany the books, and I on purpose am not adding a “LEGO” image to this post.

It is being human that makes me take pictures of toys.
Capture the imagination, tell the story, create a time capsule of memories.
A capability exclusive reserved for the only extant human species, Homo Sapiens. The species that can imagine and tell stories.

And this brings me to the last word of our acoustic journey here in 2017.
A journey of twelve words. Eleven words I selected and forced upon my friends here to explore.
The last word is theirs.
A word that each has to select, a word that completes this sentence and creates the start of a new journey.
I selected my word, and I will share it as it is directly related to Sapiens.
The why I will share later.
My last word is Humanity.



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