Rey of Light

There are different ways to create an image. Sometimes it’s the ready photo we have in our mind, which requires only capturing by the camera. Sometimes it’s the general idea that we have to clothe in the shape.
And sometimes it’s a bunch of words.
Like in this case.

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Puns hatch in my head without control, like the mice in the straw.
So at first, the pun appeared: Rey of light.

And I was carrying these words in the back of my head for last few months, waiting for their time.

The ray of light appeared when I saw the trailer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and when the #SiPgoesJedi challenge started.

I think that the writers of the new Star Wars movies chose this name on purpose. Rey seems to be the lone ray of Force’s light in the First Order’s darkness. And this idea guided me while taking this photo. I wanted to make it in the vein of the trailer images. The light in the caption required a special treatment and the glowing lightsaber was unavoidable. It was one of my first attempts at making a glowing lightsaber but I’m quite happy with the results.

I hope that next week, Rey will light up to the Galaxy far far away…


Only a few days before the release of the big movie next week. Be sure to post your #SiPgoesJedi photos on social media before the European release on December 13th.

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This is definitely one of my favorite Rey photos ever :-) I like your pun on Rey’s name and I think the lightsaber glow came out perfectly. I’m looking forward to the movie next week!


Wow, Lynn, thank You so much! I’m really happy that You like it.
I also can’t wait for Last Jedi!

And of course huge THANK YOU Stuck In Plastic for feature!


Still curious how you did the lightsabre :)


that was easier than I thought! Everything is based on Gaussian blur or maybe I should call it Cassian blur?
It’s not so romantic story. I just found a Photoshop tutorial on Youtube and followed the instructions of the Force.


But you did add some light to the magic in the dark room I guess.


Thank You!
Yes, I even had an USB flash drive with additional midichlorians. I filled the layers with them during editing.