A new photo challenge

It is a (t)wrap.

October is a wrap.
November is good and well underway.
So it is time to get creative again after our little art exhibition on Bricklive last week (thanks, Mark and the team for having us). What better way to get the creativity flowing, than with a simple photo challenge. A challenge that is not only great fun but may make you the lucky winner of an exclusive Millenium Falcon. Not the 7541 pieces big Millenium Falcon, but the exclusive Millenium Falcon which is hidden in the rare Escape The Slug set.
Talking about a trap.

The Mission.

Get creative, and shoot your favorite scene of Star Wars, The Last Jedi.
You are the director, the movie is not yet released, so anything goes. Your imagination is the final frontier.
Maybe you want to recreate some of the iconic trailers. Or you want to give the story a unique twist or an alternative ending. Maybe mix and match universes. Anything goes.
It is your story.
The rules are simple.

The Rules.

Create a new image with the main actor being made out of LEGO.
The creative image should depict a real or imaginary scene from Star Wars, The Last Jedi.
It should be a new image.
An image that you have not yet used for a similar contest.
An image that you created.

You can submit your image on your preferred social media channel (IG, FB, G+, Flickr, …) and tag it with @stuckinplastic and #SIPgoesJedi.

The jury will select the three finalists based on the creativity and photographic qualities and we may reach out to you prior to the final selection to get a higher resolution image (Instagram is noteworthy low res) to look at the image in detail and hear more on your creative process and thinking. And maybe we feature you here on the blog as well, so don’t wait until the last day to make those submissions.

Mastering your Craft – Rey practicing the craft of a lightsaber for the next movie coming her way …

The decision of the Jury is final.
The final submission date is the day before the release, so December 12th.

The Prize.

This piece of millennial space junk looks pretty cool according to Women of NASA (another awesome LEGO set available right now).

We got thee exclusive Escape The Slug sets to give away thanks to our great friends at LEGO.  A pretty exclusive set that never made it to the stores and has been handpicked for special occasions, just like this one. We will announce the winners the weekend after, and so maybe you get an extra little present under the Xmas tree this year.

Any questions, just ask.

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Nick Sweetman
Nick Sweetman
3 years ago

Yeah Can’t wait to enter :) I’ll be real careful with my minifigures this time
RIP Anton

Stacy Phillips
3 years ago

How many photos are you allowed to submit?

Stacy Phillips
3 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Wooohooot! Just thought I’d check :D