Revisiting places

Did you know that there is a French island in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar, called “La Réunion” (meaning, “the gathering” in French)?

This island came out of the ocean with the birth of two volcanoes, including one which is still active today. Continue reading “Revisiting places”

Locations speak

We all heave heard about location scouting in the movies and for big photo ops where location scouts go hunt the seven seas, the world cities and country side alike to find the right location to shoot and support whatever idea a creative director may come up with.

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When we are not organizing art exhibitions or toy photo safari’s around the globe, the crew of Stuck In Plastic likes to explore the more creative side of taking pictures. What is it that makes us shoot plastic, explore the why and take a inner look on the creative process we are all going through. Our influences, our relationships, our creative process. Continue reading “Location”

The Worst Thing About Locations

Vesa wrote a bit about locations last month,  and how they can inspire photographic adventures. My experience has been almost the exact opposite.

Last week I was up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, and being a dutiful toy photographer I took with me a small selection of minifigs. I also took my ‘travel camera’, a small Fuji mirrorless camera with a macro lens that is considerably smaller and lighter than my DSLR setup. I would hate to get stuck in front of the perfect photo opportunity with only my phone camera. Continue reading “The Worst Thing About Locations”