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Meet Paul

In our review series for the new minifigures, we’ve made quite some new friends. One of them was Paul. You may remember him for The Karate Kid. Today, we’re going to meet the other Paul of this CMF 20 review. His IG account is @lego_men_explore.
Let him show us his views here:

The Great Goal

Years of practice. Countless hours of sweat, tears and aching muscles. Blocking out the memory of all the things you gave up to pursue your dream.
It all comes down to this. A chance to show the world your skills.
A chance to review one of the new Lego Series 20 minifigures for Stuck In Plastic!

I jumped at the opportunity to review the new Sports Girl minifigure from CMF Series 20. Whilst cute characters like the Llama Girl are particularly popular, it has always been the action-orientated figures that I prefer. The Rugby Player from series 19 was a particular favorite. It’s not even that I’m a big sports fan myself. I just love trying to recreate dynamic poses with the limited articulation of those little plastic limbs.

The Athlete

The Athlete

Printing on the Sports Girl is the perfect fusion of some previous LEGO minifigures. The shorts are similar to the Rugby Player with side printing and that recognisable mountain logo that LEGO have used for a while. But here they come in black with a thin white stripe and are sure to be usable in many more custom figures.

A homage the the Olympics of 2012?

The vest top is very reminiscent of the Team GB minifigures produced for the London 2012 Olympics and again, usable for many different sports. Others have already pointed out that the number on the bib spells out the word ‘LEGO’ when viewed upside-down, which is a great highlight.

Mountain socks

A single bead of sweat it is.

The minifigure has a great double-sided face print. A charming smile on one side, paired with a more focused grimace on the other, complete with that single bead of sweat. Included with the figure are both a javelin (a white spear) and a unique printed discus. Together with the medal (also identical to the 2012 series of figures) this really opens up the photo and display options.

With us all in isolation at the moment, I didn’t have the chance to head to my nearby outdoor sports center and use the athletics track as a backdrop for the pictures. Undeterred, I decided to try and recreate the essence of this in my back garden. A custom stand filled with minifigures cheers on the athlete. And a little improvised circle and sand for the discus throw. To capture as much blue sky as possible and avoid both my garden fence and any neighbors, the scene was set up at an angle on my children’s old mini skateboard ramp.

Throwing the disc- but NOT into your neighbor´s garden!
Keepingv the javelin in Paul’s garden as well

The Sports Girl figure is a fantastic addition to the minifigure series. I’m very pleased to add her to my collection. I’m certain that on release she’ll be particularly popular amongst joggers and other amateur athletes who want to update their sig-fig with that new LEGO bib!

The sports girl won a medal- and Paul’s heart!

Thank you for taking us outside in these strange days, Paul. Now if you, our readers, enjoyed his ideas here on the blog the way we did, visit his IG feed and say “Hi” from us.

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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