Karate Master


Hello folks. Paul here.
This is my very first blog post for StuckInPlastic. And I was really happy to be asked to do one, along with the mini-figures I received.
Guess what, I was so chuffed when this little chap popped through the letterbox.
He was grunting and scuffling about in the jiffy bag.
I knew he needed releasing sharpish!

The present days are challenging for us all. And for all those that are still working through it ( including myself ) as this nasty bug sweeps the globe, I need balance in my life.
I need that escape in my life which takes me far far away from the pandemic. To me that is toy photography.

One of my all time favourite movies is The Karate Kid. It’s a story of courage, determination, hope and cheesy martial arts. This film inspired my first shot.

Karate Master’s balance is an art, honed within his mind and physical ability.


Leap Of Faith

Life is a journey of difficult, wobbly paths. Selecting the right or wrong roads can ripple throuhgout the rest of your existence.

Karate Master’s leap between the rotting pier supports not only toughens his plastic feet, but teaches him to adjust quickly to the unstable path ahead.

Leap Of Faith


This third shot kind of crafted itself into a dreamy scene inspired by the 1978 show, Monkey. I can hear the song now…Monkey Magic !
Everthing in the show had that heavenly aurora about it.
As Karate Master stands upon one leg, wielding his nunchuck he truly is the chosen one to protect the realm in the sky.


Boards Don´t Hit Back!

Karate Master’s flying kick easily smashed the plank of wood.
His speed, strength, and agility was on full show.

Note: No pieces of wood were harmed in this extraordinary demonstration

Take A Bow

Respect you opponent at all times. Also, respect your enemy but never ever take your eyes off them.
Karate Master thanks you all for taking the time to read through his little tale.
Hands and feet together… and bow… Rei. Oss.

Rei. Oss.

Otagai Ni Rei

Thank you for your words of wisdom, Paul @photoy72. We definitely enjoyed this moment of meditation and inner balance and the lessons on karate with you. With these, we are sure that you’re well prepared for the days, weeks and months ahead. Stay healthy and safe!

This review is part of a series of guest reviews by toy photographers from around the globe. To see all their amazing posts, just follow this link.

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