Now They’re Out There

Mission Accomplished

On the 25th of March, we innocently asked on Instagram, who’d be interested in reviewing some of the new collectible minifigures from series 20 for us. Some of you replied. Onehundredandsixtythree of you to be precise. We went through all the volunteers and discussed to and fro. In the end, we chose to send some surprise envelopes to fourteen of you. Some of these fourteen we knew before. Of some, we had only heard. And some were complete strangers to us but we still reached out, when after all you all got back to us.

On the fourth of April, we put the first review online. Twenty-six more posts followed. When we first asked you on IG, we seriously hadn’t thought that the interest in this new series would be THAT strong. Wow. We do want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of our crowd reviewers! You people rock! We were simply blown away by incredible pictures and wonderful ones. We impatiently followed some massive stories and fell in love with minifigures as you kept portraying them.

Meanwhile, the minifigs are available at your favorite local toystore or from the LEGO online shop.

Enough Of Words

This is mainly a blog about toy photography, right? So let´s lean back and enjoy a recap of the new minifigures with at least one picture from every photographer who contributed to this wonderful series of articles. (And as a bonus: the one person who first explains in the comment section underneath why we chose to show the minifigs in this particular order, will receive a small polybag of our choice, delivered to their postbox.)

Pinata Boy

By Willemijn @lego_a_gogo

Hip Hop Girl

By Carl @carlp_photography

Peapod Girl

By Bert @brickmione

Knight Of The Raven

By Stefan @herrsm

Female Pirate

By Martin @derbephep

Rocket Girl

Good girls go to heaven, clever girls go wherever they want to!

Llama Custume Girl

By Wendy @verboomwendy


By Stefan @fubiken

Red Ranger

By Marcos @lots_of_legs

Nunchuk Guy

By Paul @photoy72

Female Athlete

By Stacy @shtacyp

Female Diver

By Daniel @stories_in_bricks

Green Suit 10 Year Anniversary Guy

By Thomas @tumppilundstrom

Keytar Player

By David @frog_101
By Burak @pulup

PJ Girl

By Bert @brickmione

Drone Boy

By Paul @lego_men_explore
A special THANK YOU to Boris @_me2_ for delivering (most) all (of) the envelopes with his drone!

We do hope you enjoyed our series here as much we did. In the next days and weeks ahead our blog will supposedly play a little more acoustic in posting articles . We also hope you’ll still be hanging out with us, stay safe and stay healthy!

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4 years ago

It may be the order of the figures in the full box…
(To help in these Corona times)

4 years ago
Reply to  Daniel

I’m sorry Daniel. You were close, but not on spot. Have a great long weekend.

Stacy Phillips
4 years ago

Great recap SiP, and thanks for giving me the chance to play with some new figs!
RE: the order, is it to do with the most to least requested figures when you asked people what they wanted?

4 years ago
Reply to  Stacy Phillips

Thank YOU Stacy for showing us what can be achieved in one day (in one room and different techniques). Your idea is an interesting approach (I may check on this soon) but it’s not the reason. Have a fab weekend.

Marcos Ortega
4 years ago

Hahaha I know this one! This corresponds with the order or the characters in the new pamphlet!!! Yesss I know collecting those will come to good use!

Awesome experience collaborating with you guys!


4 years ago
Reply to  Marcos Ortega

Aaaaand we have a winner!
You’re right, Marcos: we sorted the pics after the tiny leaflet that hardly anyone cares about. A Polybag of our choice will be in your postbox next week (given that the English customs will be friendly with us).
Thank you for taking the leap of faith and playing along. May you have a good weekend, too.

Marcos Ortega
4 years ago
Reply to  HerrSM

Yesss! Thank you very much, I love those leaflets and are part of my collection ;-) Best way to end the week! I guess you can get my email from the post data, looking forward to know more! Have a great weekend.

4 years ago

So many great pictures, it was a pleasure to read all theses articles :)

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