Little big adventures

It’s just a question of size

LEGO just released the fantastic Ideas set Pirates of Barracuda Bay.
It’s quite a big box full of bricks and minifigures and I must confess, there are stars in my eyes when I look at it.
In fact, almost every big set will do the same: bricks, bricks everywhere, and a large final build.
Large enough to make me ask myself: where would you put it?
The Batman UCS Tumbler, the Creator Mustang, Ideas Old Fishing Store, Quinjet, Airjutsu Temple, Lunar Lander, the SPACESHIP, all the Ninjago stuff, all the Star Wars ships…
All those sets are awesome, but it takes also a lot of space…


Here’s a perfect link to a reflection I had with myself some months ago. While shopping, I found a wonderful set: the Satellite Service Mission. 84 bricks for less than 10€.
No UCS, no big Modular, no astonishing building tricks.

And you know what? With this little spaceship, its satellite and the astronaut, I reminisce back to my childhood. I was the pilot, adventuring in the deep space, going through asteroids fields, saving the Earth by reparing the outmost important satellite (maybe it was a lazer that will be used to destroy the biggest space rock about to hit our planet)…

Going on a mission …

Please, fasten your seatbelt.

So, what do we have in the box?
First, you find the hero: yourself, the astronaut.
I feel sorry about that, but you’re bald. There is no hair piece, and you will always wear your helmet. But there is a wrench to help.
Then, you have a small satellite, with moving panels.
And the space shuttle.
The satellite fits in a space in the back of the shuttle, so, if you ever need to bring it back to the station, it’s possible.

Once the satellite is removed from the rear space, you can slide your index finger there, and hold the shuttle with your thumb and middle finger very securely, and then start run all around in the room with loads of “swoosh swoosh” and “ASTEROIDS!! ASTEROIDS!!!”.

Back on Earth

Here we are, at the end of our space journey.
LEGO releases some big sets, and they are kind of magical. However, if you have kept your child’s soul or if you have children, small sets are also magical.
You can live dozens of adventures, be a hero, and meet some funny guys…
In the end, it’s a question of balance, whether your preference goes to a 1343 pieces set, or several small sets.

And you, what is your preference?
Share with us the way you see things, what you enjoy most.
And remember: it’s all about the fun you put in it.

Benny and Unikitty are not included in the 60224 set …
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