Daisy, Daisy…

Amongst Flowers

Today @verboomwendy will share with you some moments of relaxation.

Wendy followed along as the new lama costume minifigure was wondering in a field of daisies close to Wendy’s home.

It´s not everyday that you spot a lama in the middle of a field of daisies, is it?

Lean back and enjoy.

Dear SiP…

…here is my review of the llama:


The minifigure that now has it´s turn of a photographic review is my favorite minifig from the entire collectible minifigure series 20. I love all the animal suits because those are always so cute. 

Lama with a zipper

This llama was out wandering in a field full of daisies close to my home. I thought it was the ideal place to cross paths with this minifig. 

Luckily I used my helios lens to create a soft environment. If not for that, it possibly had become too busy and I might have missed the dreamy touch of the moment.

When you see a camera: say “LEGO” and wave!

I‘m hoping you find it as cute as I do.



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2 years ago

I just love these “madeliefjes” and the Llama offcourse.
Brings back a lot of child memories.

Now, you got me hooked on the HELIOS lens cause I never picked up a lens baby and the few entries I did with testing old glass for a nice bokeh did not give me what I want, but this HELIOS got me curios.


2 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Exactly my thoughts! How come these are old ones no longer in production? Curious whether I can get my hand on one…
Beautifully dreamy pics here, Wendy.

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