HispaBrick Twenty Eight

This month’s word can only be LEGO.

We are running a fantastic #WhereIsAnton creative photoshoot (yes you can still join), we just finished a toy photography safari with lots of LEGO and we will be visiting the grand opening of the LEGO House this Friday.
And to top it all off, we got featured in HispaBrick Magazine Twenty Eight.

When we joined the RLFM days earlier this year networking was a key topic on the agenda.  So when Jetro asked us if we would be interested in a little article in HispaBrick, we could only say yes. And here we are. A new HispaBrick magazine with lots of LEGO awesomeness and a little article on toy photography.

The Latest HispaBrick Magazine Twenty Eight

HispaBrick Twenty Eight.

Here is what the HispaBrick team had to say on their latest issue:

“In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine, we have taken our networking skills to a whole new level. We attended the LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund and met up with over twenty Fan Media representatives. In this edition, you will find a report of that event as well as a number of interviews with LEGO franchises we did during the event. While in Billund, we also ran into Robenanne, the designer of the Old Fishing Shop, and we interviewed him…”

And so did we. We leave it up to you to find the differences.

Bali Padda, CEO of TLG with Luis and Jetro taking notes …

“Richard Jones from The Rambling Brick put together a reconstruction of the conversation we had with Bali Padda for us to publish and Stuck in Plastic (yeah, that is us) have contributed an article about their toy photographers collective. We have also worked closely with Eurobricks to offer a new collaborative section in our magazine and on their forums. …”

And to top it all off, HispaBrick Magazine is free to download in Spanish, English, and Croatian, so get your copy today and spread the word!

Lluís and Jetro discussing if they should become toy photographers …

Thanks, Jetro and Lluís for sharing our passion for taking pictures of toys with your readers. Looking forward to the next collaboration.

But first, reading the full one hundred twelve pages of HispaBrick Magazine Twenty Eight.

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